Dr Oz: Star Jones Aortic Valve Malfunction Open Heart Surgery


Dr Oz Star Jones Heart Surgery

Dr Oz: Star Jones Aortic Valve Malfunction

Dr Oz and Star Jones spoke about her Aortic Valve Malfunction that led to her Open Heart Surgery.  This was all part of Doctor Oz’s Women’s Health Disease Awareness (Women’s Heart Disease Risk Factors).  Star Jones got a major shock when after keeping her weight off from bypass surgery and winning her battle with obesity, she was in imminent danger of dying from a heart problem that we rarely hear about: Aortic Valve Malfunction.

Dr Oz: Star Jones Heart Surgery

Star Jones, originally known as a prosecutor and legal correspondent on television and then as Co-Host of The View, is now Dr Oz Star Jonesthe new face of Women’s Heart Disease.  She said that in 2009 she had an emotional and trying year.  She felt very tired, had heart palpitations and shortness of breath which led her to her doctor.  He did an Echocardiogram that showed she had a buildup of fluid around her heart and that she had Heart Disease.  When Star Jones was 19, she had Thoracic Surgery, but that did not worry her since she felt she was so young.  But as Jones said, when you are 47 you really worry because you are “closer to the grave than the birth canal.”  Star Jones was diagnosed with a Defective Aortic Valve and her surgery was scheduled for a week before her 48th birthday.  If she did not have the surgery, she was told she would need a heart transplant.


  1. Gal Weeks says

    My dr. said I had 5 years before I should have a valve replacement. Why would he not do it now? I was a runner, now afraid to do anything.

  2. Nelson Montalvo says

    My 23month old grand daughter has aortic stenosis needs surgery can you help or recoment a dr.?

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