Dr Oz: Statins, Cholesterol Drugs, Red Yeast Rice & Crestor

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Dr Oz: Statins, Cholesterol Drugs, Red Yeast Rice & Crestor

By on October 6, 2010

Doctor Oz did a segment called “Which Cholesterol Drug is Right For You” to discuss the debate of Statins like Levacor, Zocor, Pravachol, Lipitor and Crestor – compare to natural cholesterol remedies like Red Yeast Rice.  This was part of Dr Oz’s Ticking Time Bomb: Cholesterol show.  Dr Oz said that Statins save thousands of lives each year and that 25 million Americans take them.  However, Crestor is approved for people to take before they even have heart disease, and there is a big debate as to whether this is a good idea or not.  There are plenty of side effects of Statins like muscle soreness, dementia and an increase in your chance of getting Diabetes by 10%. Dr Oz Red Yeast Rice

Dr Oz said that Statins are great for reducing cholesterol, irritation and inflammation.  However, he said that in almost all cases, if your HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol numbers are number, you should not be taking Crestor or other Statins as a preventative measure.  So before you start taking Statins, Dr Oz said you should really think about how many of the following questions are true.

Should You Be Taking Statins?

1.  Do you have a family history of heart disease?

2.  Do you have high blood pressure or Diabetes?

3.  Is your waist size over 35″? If so, then your liver is likely irritated.

4.  Are your triglycerides over 150 or your HDL under 50?

Dr Oz said that Statins are extremely effective when they are used correctly.  But a change of lifestyle should always be the first line of defense.  There is no substitute for eating a healthy diet.  Dr Oz suggested trying a healthy lifestyle for three months first, and if you cannot get your cholesterol numbers to move, then you should consider taking Statins, which can reduce your cholesterol by 50%.

Why do Statin Drugs work?  Statin Drugs can stop the production of cholesterol and can equalize your levels to what they should be.  However, there are often side effects like I mentioned before: muscle pain and dementia to name a few.  Plus, the impact on HDL cholesterol by Statins is minimal.

Cholesterol Remedy: Red Yeast Rice

Dr Oz said that a cholesterol remedy that you can try and get over-the-counter is called Red Yeast Rice, which is rice that was fermented in red yeast.  Dr Oz said that Red Yeast Rice is most effective for cholesterol if you take 1200 mg twice a day.  However, the chemicals that make Red Yeast Rice work is almost the same as chemicals found in Statin Drugs, so you may have similar side effects like muscle aches and liver problems.  Therefore, it is crucial that you check with your doctor before taking Red Yeast Rice because he may need to check your liver periodically.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Statins, Cholesterol Drugs, Red Yeast Rice & Crestor

  1. does anyone know the name of the author who wrote a book about cholesterol and was on Dr. Oz 10/6/2010?

  2. I am not sure who you mean Margaret. Dr Oz had Cat Cora (an iron chef) on his show that day to promote a book called Cat Cora’s Classics. She did this segment on a Red Snapper Fish Recipe.

  3. Dr. Oz mentions above that \statins save thousands of lives every year\. I am in a dilemma, I have read a number of medical reports stating that statins .. do not save lives and that there is no proof one lives longer, but are causing other detrimental problems etc. I would really like to have access to the medical info/study that he bases this statement on. If you could direct me to the studies that would be greatly appreciated. Looking for clarity. Thank you

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  5. In my experience jalapeno pepper reduces or eliminates the side effects (diarrhea, muscle cramps) of statins. About 1/2 teaspoon of cooked and diced jalapeno to a bowl of soup, several times a day. Jalapeno is dangerously hot and must be used with care. It increases the potency of warfarin, so if you try this, begin slowly and carefully.

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