Dr Oz: How To Stay Calm & Meditate While Driving In Traffic


Dr Oz: How To Zen Out While Stuck In Traffic

Dr. Oz said that if sitting in traffic is a regular occurrence for you, you’re certainly not alone. The average commuter in America spends 42 hours a year in traffic. That could mean almost five working days a year getting stressed out by traffic. That’s exactly why Dr Oz brought in Pedram Shojai, The “Urban Monk,” to share his tips on how to “zen out” or stay calm and meditate while sitting in traffic After all, all that time spent frustrated between cars puts you at risk for an increased risk of obesity, stress, insomnia, and loneliness.

Dr Oz: How To Meditate When Stuck In Traffic

Dr Oz was thrilled to invite Pedram, author of “The Urban Monk,” to sit with him in a make-shift car as they discussed the importance of finding a sense of calm while stuck in traffic. According to Pedram, traffic is a cluster of situations we have no control over. The more time you spend in traffic, the more your life can be affected. Plus, couples who face a long distance commute have a 40% higher chance of divorce.

Dr Oz: Find Peace & Calm While Stuck in Traffic + Deep Breaths

Dr Oz and the “Urban Monk” shared tips for how to find inner peace and “zen” while stuck in traffic to avoid potential health problems. (drb62 / Flickr)


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