Dr Oz: Stent Dangers: The Most Unnecessary Heart Procedure


Dr Oz did a show called “The Danger of Stents: The Most Unnecessary Heart Procedure”.  The number one killer of women is the heart attack.  But what is the best way to treat a swollen heart that has difficulty beating?  Some people think that heart stents are the miracle solution, but Doctor Oz had a different perspective to share with us.  Dr Oz Heart Stents


  1. Caroline Riehl says

    Zeroed in on the show today when I heard subject was stents…..Recently got five stents in July, then three more in October. I am 84, am on B.P. med’s, felt fine but had failed EKG and the stress test altho I’m very physically active altho’ have had increasingly more back and neck pain leading to extensive surgeries in ’08….and not able to work as strenuously as earlier. I feel that fact led to the placque build-up. What a surprise to hear the extent of the blockagers found thru catheterization! I had had no physical signs of distress except perplexing “hot flushes” of upper body, neck and arms off and on. (Would still like to understand how and why they occur; am still feeling them but less often.)
    The dangers of overused stents had me taking notes and becoming apprehensive; feeling I need to ask for reassurance re my case and “necessity” for those procedures. Think I felt better in some ways before they were done!
    I had gone for my second follow-up visit earlier today at FHA (Florida Heart Association) where they are now ordering further follow up such as some weeks of “Cardiac Rehabilitation” at local Cape Coral Hospital once I get results of another stress test, CK lab work and more. I do appreciate their continuing support re. my heart health. All this will take time for many sessions of rehab. with supervision but, I’m sure will beneficial. Glad for any opportunity to get into exercising I can handle now that my back is in better shape and less painful.

    Always happy to have remembered to watch a program!! I will certainly try to get some answers to ‘set my mind at ease’ about the eight (!) I now harbor in those coronary arteries!


  2. Andy says

    Dear Dr. Oz.,
    Thank you very much for your information on stents.
    I did watch your program on stents a week before my mom (67 yrs.) got admitted to ER for her numbness on right side of the body. The doctors conducted N-stress stest and MRI scans of brain to confirm that she had mini stroke signs. When the cardiologists conducted N-stress (adninsone Test .13 and EF > 50%), they said it is better to put stent on her heart as a precaution although she did not have any symptoms of chest pain, or pain on left side of the body. However, since I and my Mom had seen your program, she said that she did not feel a need of stent and she was released from hospital on aspirin, (81mg), statin and metroplol (BP medication) and physiotherapy recommendation.

    The unfortunate part is that my Mom passed away right after 14 days from release from hospital at my home. There were no warning signs as she was talking to me and her friends over phone.

    Now I have a guilt that we should have listened to recommendations from Cardiologists rather diagnosing serious heart condition based on your show.

    Please advice your audience how to effectively make decisions and not try to be doctor/specialist at your own based on program.

  3. says

    i have 11 stents and i have had brachgetherapy, with every stent i restesonsed in less than 4 month , i have stents inside of stents i have had a CABG x 2 , now there are more problems i have had 11 knee surgerey . bqck surgery i am now on disablity i am only 58. i had a wrist broken from football . advvance frontal lobe danger, sveral TIA’s you know Dr. Oz i am only 58 and all i wanted was used jeep after i pay medicare , house payments , oh i leave out Otrho ridios my wife i a nervous , this is funny park i worke for Heart Clinics for 8 years , any way just some tibits of my life 509-326-9889, thanks alot dr. i have picked a few words from you , i will prob to have to 6 way bypass

  4. says

    I have had a stent for only a short while ,about a week now, I feel fine so far. I am writing to share what led up to this so that others can be aware of how sneaky a heart attack could be. I am 56 years old and watch what I eat, I exercise on and off, and have always maintained my weight. Over period o 3 days I was bothered by what I thought was heart burn. I related the episodes to food and stress because those were the times the episodes would occur. My final episode was 8:30am new years day. I had just finished eating breakfast and thinking about a stressful situation I had to face that day when the heartburn feeling came on . I took an antacid and left for work. The heartburn wasn’t going away. I noticed that I was also experiencing jaw/ tooth pain. I also felt a little light headed and felt like I was on the verge of perspiring. I finally thought it could be more and drove myself to the hospital. My enzyme levels were too elevated so a stress test was not administered and the cardiologist decided to administer a catheterization which led to the stent being inserted.

  5. says

    I’m 34…I had a widowmaker heart attack in May 2014…had 100%blockage in LAD. I was dying so I had to have a stent to save my life. I did not have health insurance so the hospital signed me up for obamacare. I’ve been seeing my cardiologist Dr. Sadeem Mahmood. He quickly told me after my heart attack I had more blockage that needed to be stented. So six months later I had another stent placed in my left circumflex. After the procedure which was done in January 2015 he said I had 1 10%blockage he wasn’t at all worried about. But 4 days later when I went to follow up he dropped a bomb on me and said I had 2 40 to 50% blockages he wants to stent in the next 6 months. I’m wondering since I’m on Obama care is he trying to work the insurance for everything he can since they will pay him for whatever needs done? I feel like he’s trying to make money some how. I do not want a stent if I don’t need it. I’m so scared. Does anyone have any input on this subject?…somebody please help me

  6. Brandon says

    I understand u have heart disease but it’s sounds to me like maybe u weren’t paying attention to ur doctor very well. A physician can’t legally stent at 40-50% blockage and no cardiologist would ever tell u that. A cardiologist has very strict guidelines and regulations they must follow and wouldn’t rush their business stinting no obstructive lesions. I would ask questions and listen better.

  7. says

    Brandon there bud maybe you weren’t listening. I said what the doctor told me. I suspect you know my Dr or possibly work for him. Lmao. He is risking his self and is being investigated. Thank you for your concern \Palace Employee\

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