Dr Oz: Steve Harvey: Retrain Your Man’s Brain To Get What You Want

By on December 9, 2011

Dr Oz: Steve Harvey Men’s Brains

Ladies, listen to this one—according to author/actor Steve Harvey, you can retrain you man’s brain to get what you want. Dr Oz stated that this topic was too hot for medical professionals, so he went to the relationship guru himself, Steve Harvey.

For those that don’t know, Steve Harvey is the original king of comedy, selling out arenas for over 19 million dollars with his adult comedy. Dr Oz Steve Harvey Interview You may recognize him as the hilarious host of the popular game show, Family Feud. He has been married 3 times and told Dr Oz that this time he’s finally got it right. His best-selling novel, “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” has sold over 2 million copies. His latest novel, “Straight Talk, No Chaser” takes a look into relationships to expose the truth about romance.

Doctor Oz asked Steve Harvey how he got into this whole relationship thing. Steve stated that he never claimed to be the relationship expert, people just stuck him into that category. What he does claim to be the expert on is how men think. Since he was married 3 times, he had a lot of knowledge of what to do and what not to do. (I guess Elizabeth Taylor would’ve been the supreme expert.) Steve told Dr Oz that “failure is a wonderful teacher.” He had messed up in the past, but felt as though he had finally gotten it right and was willing to share the truth with the public.

Dr Oz: Steve Harvey Relationships

Steve Harvey is on his third marriage, so Dr Oz asked him what had gone wrong in his first 2 marriages. Skirting around the question, Steve stated that you can’t fix what is wrong in your home by going outside the home. Steve said he went outside the marriage because he was not “getting it” at the house. (For those not hip to subtly, he cheated!) The one mistake Steve said he made was not staying within the marriage to fix the issue. He believed the biggest reason men cheated was because there were so many women out there to cheat with the man. (How many of you agree? Anyone?)

Dr Oz: Secrets To Retrain Your Man’s Brain

1. Sean and Daisy had been married for 12 years. They used to go on date nights but didn’t anymore. Daisy wanted to know how to retrain her husband to be more romantic.

Dr Oz: Date Nights

Retrain Method: Women need to remind the guy. Do the little things he likes, such as blowing in his ear or licking his neck (licking his neck? really?). Steve and his wife scheduled date nights. Steve noted that Sean was obviously still in love with his wife because he came to the Dr Oz Show. Dr Oz chimed in that the best time for romance was in the morning. Sean commented he could do that—after brushing his teeth, of course.

Dr Oz Nagging

2. A second guest stated that her husband, Dave, didn’t take out the trash and do chores in a timely manner. She wanted to know how to retrain him to help out more. Dave stated that he spent all day at work and was sick of nagging when he came home.

Retrain Method: No guy responds to nagging. Men have a mechanism to tune out nagging women. The louder they nag, the more men tuned out. (Is anyone else getting angry at this comment and just wants to nag more?) Steve suggested going with compliments like, “you’re so strong, could you take out the trash?” (Ladies, you may insert collective sigh here.)

Dr. Oz asked why do you have to boost a man’s ego to get him to do it? After cutting his eyes at Dr Oz (lol) Steve stated that you need to boost a man’s ego because he needs it. It’s like a reward system. If he takes out the trash, you’ll have more time later to give him a big reward. (He’d better mean a reward, like giving him the remote!)

Dr Oz Reward System

3. A third audience member stated that her husband, Mike, was a junk food junkie. They have been married for 5 years and she was trying to get into shape but he always sabotaged. She wanted to know how to retrain her man to help him get healthy.

Retrain Method: Steve suggested losing weight together. He stated guys weren’t complicated, so use the reward system. (Again, he’d better be referring to the remote!) Dr Oz stated that he got turned on when watching his wife workout. He even got specific with stating that it was the toe touches that did it for him. To make it extra easy for your caveman, I mean husband, Dr Oz suggested writing it down for him.

Dr Oz: Lies About Men

Lie #1. Once a cheater, always a cheater:
Steve stated this was a lie because people can eventually get it right. If they cheated in the past, it was because she wasn’t the one. Steve admitted to cheating in the past with his other wives, but now that he found true happiness, he wanted to really hold on to that. “Why would he cheat on that?” He asked.

Dr Oz asked Steve whether past performance predicted future behavior. (Dr Phil fans recognize this comment.) Steve stated that a man could eventually get it together. No man has been perfect in his entire life and if women were looking for that perfect guy, they would be searching forever.

Lie #2. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach:
It’s not entirely untrue. Some guys eat great meals at a woman’s house and then got up and went elsewhere for “the goodies.” The only way to a man’s heart is with loyalty, support and “the cookie.” (Use your imagination and please don’t make me explain “the cookie.”) Steve stated that he referred to it as “the cookie” because everyone loves cookies, right?

Lie #3. Men are intimidated by strong, independent women.
According to Steve, men can be scared about a lot of things, but not women. Men are just afraid that a strong, independent woman won’t let them fit into their lives so they stay back.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Steve Harvey: Retrain Your Man’s Brain To Get What You Want


    I just watched the show with Steve Harvey, and could not believe Dr. Oz would allow such tacky and low-classed “information” on his show.

  2. james bletcher says:

    Dr. Oz I loved your show with Steve Harvey that episode helped my marriage so keep up the good work! One of your best shows yet!!!

  3. 1. Men need to be rewarded? For real? What happened to responsibility and commitment?

    2. He cheated cause he wasn’t happy? OK women…how many of you all aren’t happy? How many have cheated because of that? Not saying that women don’t cheat but I’m saying that we’re more apt NOT to cheat. What happened to commitment and fidelity? I don’t care if the other woman will cheat with the married man. The married man is in a committed relationship and therefore should honor that vow. Cut and dried. Men will die trying to save a buddy in a war or on the street, but you won’t put forth a descent effort to save your marriage and make it better? If you’re not happy, get counseling, talk to your wife in a respectful manner or pray and ask God for wisdom on how to make the marriage better, but don’t hand us the line about I cheated because I was not happy. There’s no law on earth that promises every day is going to be a happy day in marriage. But if you and your mate are commited to one another then it can be worked through. Just stop the lying. It is what it is…

  4. Patrick Listerium says:

    Why is Steve Harvey on the show? He is a known racist.

  5. Beatrice and Carolyn, You guys rock!!!!

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