Dr. Oz: Steven Cantrell Lip Tumor Cancer with Ron Karni & Tang Ho


Doctor Oz’s free health clinic that he setup in Houston brought health care to thousands of Americans who otherwise could not afford health care. Steven Cantrell was one patient that was seen at Dr. Oz’s free health clinic in Houston, because he had a large tumor on his lip.  Steven’s lip tumor turned out to be cancer.  After 14  hours of surgery and 30 chemo and radiation cancer treatments, Steven is now cancer free!  And also, Steven has quit smoking!  Good work Steven!

Dr. Ron Karni did Steven Cantrell’s operation to remove his entire lower lip with the cancerous tumor and Steven’s lymph nodes.  Then Dr. Tang Ho used plastic surgery to reconstruct Steven’s lower lip by transplanting forearm tissue from Steven’s arm to his lip.  Edgar Staren PhD from the Cancer Treatments of America, has been supporting Steve through treating his mind, body and spirit after the operation.

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