Dr Oz Stomach Ache Remedies: Aloe Vera Juice & Artichoke Leaf Extract

Dr Oz spoke about some Stomach Ache Remedies on his segment called Surprising Stomach Ache Solutions.  As someone who suffers from stomach problems quite frequently, I love to try new Natural Home Remedies to ease my pain and was thrilled that Doctor Oz did this segment. Dr Oz Surprising Stomach Ache Solutions

Dr Oz: Peppermint Tea Relieves Gas

Dr Oz played a game with two women from his audience, and he asked them which tea relieves gas: Peppermint Tea or Oolong Tea.  The correct answer is that Peppermint Tea relieves gas, because the menthol helps to smooth the muscles in the digestive tract.  Dr Oz said that Peppermint Tea may help with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) as well.

Dr Oz: Artichoke Leaf Extract for Nausea

Dr Oz asked which supplement helps with nausea: Artichoke Leaf Extract or Nettle Root Extract.  The answer is that Artichoke Leaf Extract helps with nausea, because nausea is a symptom of indigestion which can be caused by a non-functioning bile duct.  The bile duct is what makes your poop its brown-ish color.  Anyway though, Artichoke Leaf Extract is supposed to increase the amount of bile flow.

Dr Oz: Aloe Vera Juice Relieves Constipation

Dr Oz asked his two contestants which juice helps to relieve constipation naturally: Beet Juicer or Aloe Vera Juice?  The correct answer is that Aloe Vera Juice is a natural laxative.  In fact, Dr Oz said that Aloe Vera Juice has a powerful laxative effect by increasing the water content in the intestines.  You should take only 2-4 ounces per day, because if you take too much, just like with other laxatives, you can get cramping and other side effects.


  1. Jeanne Morris says

    Dr. Oz,
    Around the last of Nov, first of December, you gave a demo regarding stomach pain/gas. The item used for you demo appeared to be about 9 inches long green at the top and the last 3-4 inches was white. You demonstrated it be used in a tea. My daughter had pancreatic cancer and had a whipple procedure. Tumor was removed (no cancer has appeared) but she has severe pancreatitis, gas, and bloating. Can you help us. I watch your show faithfully and thank GOD for you and what you give to your live and tv audiance. God Bless you and your family……..Jeanne Morris

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