Dr Oz: Streptococcus Strep Throat Can Turn Into Rheumatic Fever


Dr Oz Strep Throat

Dr Oz: Strep Throat & Antibiotics

Dr Oz did a show about Strep Throat caused by the Streptococcus bacteria.  If you have ever had Strep Throat, you surely remember the unbearable pain every time you drink or swallow.  A sore throat can be the sign of a cold, but it could also be the sign of Strep Throat which can be more dangerous than you think if it goes untreated.  If you are wondering about the difference between a Sore Throat and a Strep Throat, then read this recap from another segment of Dr Oz: Sore Throat vs Strep Throat.  Doctor Oz’s Assistant-Of-The-Day was Joy from seat 28, and she said that just a couple of weeks ago she had a sore throat.  Dr Oz is from Philadelphia originally, so he seemed particularly excited that Joy was from his hometown!

Dr Oz: Streptococcus Bacteria

Dr Oz showed an image of what Streptococcus Bacteria looks like growing in your throat.  If you have Strep Throat, you Dr Oz Strep Throatwill get white stuff, which is puss, growing on your tonsils and on the back of your throat.  But the appearance alone does not give you a diagnosis, you need for your doctor to do  throat culture first.  If you have Strep Throat, you will be prescribed antibiotics.  Doctor Oz said that you can think of Streptococcus Bacteria as being hidden behind a very protective wall.  So your immune system tries to break down the wall, but only antibiotics are strong enough to break down the wall and completely kill the bacteria.

Dr Oz: Untreated Strep Causes Rheumatic Fever

Doctor Oz said that if you leave Strep Throat untreated, you can develop the following complications:

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