Dr Oz: Suma, Devil’s Claw, Sulfur, Himalayan Salt & Eucalyptus Oil


Dr Oz did a show called the 7 Wonders of the Natural World, where he shared with us 7 Alternative Health cures from the best pharmacies around the world: mother nature!  Bryce Wylde, host of Wylde on Health in Canada, joined Doctor Oz to give us Alternative Health cures for Cancer, Diabetes, pain, stress and colds.  As always, before trying any of these Alternative Health Treatments, talk to your doctor and pharmacist to make sure they are health for you and do not conflict with any other medications or supplements that you currently take! Dr Oz Alternative Health

Dr Oz: 7 Wonders of the Natural World

1. Dr Oz: Suma Fights Cancer

Dr Oz said that Suma is a shrubby vine with a huge root system found in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  Suma may help to prevent Cancer.  In Brazil, the Portuguese word for Suma means something that can cure all things.  Another name for Suma is Brazilian Ginseng, which is being studied by Japanese researchers for its ability to fight cancer.  Dr Oz explained that Suma releases chemicals that shut down cancer cells and stops them from growing.  Suma will not cure cancer on its own at this point probably – especially if you have a full blown case of cancer already – but it is an exciting area for researchers and may hold the cure to cancer in the future.

2. Dr Oz: Arctic Root for Stress & Fatigue

Dr Oz said that Arctic Root is found in the Arctic Circle in Alaska.  Arctic Root helps to relieve stress and fatigue, and it is an extremely resilient plant that can endure almost no sun and very cold temperatures.  The concept of Arctic Root is to provide ourselves with Adaptogens, which help us to adapt to the world around us.  You can increase blood flow to your brain with Arctic Root.  Dr Oz said that he takes his Arctic Root (which costs around $15) in a shot of vodka.

3. Dr Oz: Devil’s Claw Reduces Inflammation & Arthritis

Dr Oz said that Devil’s Claw comes from Victoria Falls which is found in Zimbabwe, South Africa.  Devil’s Claw is a Natural Health remedy to reduce swelling and inflammation – similar to Aspirin or Ibuprofen.  Bryce Wylde said that Devil’s Claw should not be confused with Cat’s Claw.  Devil’s Claw is used to relieve back pain and Arthritis by reducing your inflammatory response.  You can purchase 120 capsules for around $15.

4. Dr Oz: Sulfur for Eczema, Acne & Wrinkles

Dr Oz’s fourth Alternative Health Treatment comes from the Paricutin Volcano in Mexico – Sulfur.  The Paricutin Volcano erupted for the first time in the 1940’s.  Sulfur is great for treating Eczema, Acne and Wrinkles.  Before we had antibiotics, we use sulfur to treat infections.  Bryce Wylde said that just like you squeeze a lemon over a fruit salad to preserve it so that it does not age or rust – we too age and “rust” so sulfur helps to preserve us.  One great way to treat yourself with sulfur is by taking a Sulfur Bath.  Dr Oz said you can get sulfur lotions too, but to get the compound to make a Sulfur Bath you should talk to a compounding pharmacy who should be able to mix it up for you for around $10.

5. Dr Oz: Himalayan Salt Inhaler for Asthma & Allergies

Dr Oz said that Himalayan Salts come from Mt Everest in Nepal – the highest mountain in the world.  Mt Everest and the Himalayan Range was once a seabed.  The power of salt is released, theoretically, by being inhaled.  Salt is also a natural antiseptic and can clean out wounds.  Have you ever noticed that when you are by the beach, your Asthma or Allergies clear up and go away?  This is what the Himalayan Salt Inhaler replicates.  You can clear up Sinusitis and Asthma symptoms by breathing in from a Himalayan Salt Inhaler ($40 online)… and the salt itself costs around $8.

6. Dr Oz: Prickly Pear Cactus for Diabetes

Dr Oz said that Prickly Pear Cactus comes from the Grand Canyon in Arizona and is full of tons of fiber.  There is also a fruit that grows on the Prickly Pear Cactus.  Bryce Wylde said that Prickly Pear Cactus can treat Diabetes, which may be surprising since it also has sugar in it, but the fiber in the Prickly Pear is both soluble and insoluble fiber, so the insoluble fiber slows down how long it takes the sugar to be released into your blood stream and system.

7. Dr Oz: Eucalyptus Oil for Colds & Flu

Dr Oz said that Eucalyptus Oil comes from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and is extracted from the Eucalyptus plant.  Eucalyptus Oil is anti-viral and anti-bacterial, so it is great for treating Colds and the Flu.  Bryce Wylde said that one of the best studied natural medicines is Eucalyptol, an ingredient found in the Eucalyptus plant which is incredible for increasing the expansion of your lungs.  Wylde suggested putting the Eucalpytus Oil into a carrier oil like Almond Oil or even Olive Oil.  You should mix 1 part Eucalyptus Oil to 10 parts Almond Oil or Olive Oil.  This will really help to open you up while also killing bacteria.  Dr Oz said that he also likes to put Eucalyptus Oil into humidifiers and you can but it for $10 for 4 ounces (which should last you the whole winter!).


  1. diana hlebovy says

    please tell me what dose is needed for the sulfur bath- the compounding pharmacy needs a dr order and dosing information

  2. says

    Nopalea (made from the prickly pear cactus) is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is said that inflammation is the root cause of many diseases and chronic discomforts. It is also believed that Nopalea juice is chock full of antioxidants and a property called betalains which contains many of the B vitamins and minerals.

  3. Tish McDonald says

    My husband broke his back in an ultralite aircraft accident. Upon takeoff the rudder cable came off the tail of the plane and he lost his ability to control the plane. He was at a height of about 150 feet and was attempting to make a right bank when the cable failed. He plummeted to earth and crashed. He was rushed to the closest hospital and stabilized, then transferred to Carbondale, Illinois to their trauma center.
    We were met there by a doctor Theo Million, arthopedic surgeon. It was Dr Millions’ opinion after several days in a drug induced coma, and packed in ice that my husband would be a para/quadriplegic if he lived through the 13 hour surgery to repair all his spine and imploded disc’s and nerve damage. He recovered after months of intense physical therapy, and was finally ably to come home where he continued the therapy and learned to walk again.
    My husband, now retired, was a police officer for 30 years and every day since his accident has lived in constant pain. He has refused to take narcotics, which he has an open prescription for. He hasn’t had a lot of luck with any of the over the counter medications, and has mainly used Aleve and like medications as a means of pain relief.
    After watching one of Dr Oz’s shows on the use of natural herbs I decided to try one that you recommended by the name of Devils Claw. I did research it and checked with his doctor to see if she would object. Dr. Audrey Jones, (our general practioner in McAllen, Texas) gave us the green light and I went to out health food store, Sun Harvest in McAllen and made the purchase. I can honestly say without reservations after the first week of taking the Devils Claw my husband has found more pain relief than he has had in many years. He has not used any of the other OTC drugs or ANY medications since starting the Devils Claw. He is now swimming, playing (sparing) racket ball, and doing stationary bicycle exercises.
    We both would have never believed an herb could have made this much of a difference in his everyday life. This herb may not work with everyone, but ask my husband if it has worked for him:

    Ronald (Ron) McDonald
    1603 Citrus Circle
    San Juan, Texas 78589

    Thank you, thank you, Tish McDonald

  4. says

    My son fell off the roof and broke his ankle and leg. Three years later he went through another surgery because his leg and ankle healed with bone on bone and nerve pain. I will pass this information about Devils Claw off to him. I know that many natural herbs can do great things. I use apple cider vinegar to help the pain in my knuckle joints.

  5. Teresa Errichiello says

    I am keenly interested in the anti-cancer properties of Curcumin supplements. I have a strong sensitivity to sulfur/sulfites. Will I be risking a reaction to any sulfur compounds contained in Curcumin? I have read conflicting information online, so prior to beginning to use Mega CurCumin 1100milligrams I need to have a firm answer from a reliable source. You are that source!

    Thank you, Dr. Oz and staff!

  6. says

    Thank you for posting information these 7 alternative health cures. I been wanting more information on a couple of them for some time and was able to get great proof by reading this article that was posted. Thanks again!

  7. says

    Thank you so much Dr. OZ for doing an article with this helpful information. Especially the juice from the Nopal Cactus. It has done great things within my body!

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