Dr Oz: Summer Dog Tips: Dog Sunscreen & Dog Car Harness

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Dr Oz: Summer Dog Tips: Dog Sunscreen & Dog Car Harness

By on June 4, 2012

Dr Oz: Summertime Dog Care Tips

Want to keep your pet healthy for the summer? Doctor Oz was joined by Veterinarian, Jeff Werber, to show you how to do just that with his dog summertime survival guide. Dr. Werber says that the summer is a great time of year to get your dog an annual physical checkup.  He also mentioned fabulous must-have doggy products like Dog Sunscreen and a Dog Harness.

Dr Oz Summer Dog Tips: Dog Sunscreen & Dog Car Harness

Dr Oz shared Summer Dog Tips like using Dog Sunscreen & a Dog Car Harness.

Doctor Oz brought out Rosie, his family dog, to demonstrate the best pet care tips for the summer.

Dr Oz: Dog Sunscreen Review

Some of the grooming needed for dogs in the summer include, checking his nails, brushing his coat, and having his coat and skin health checked. Dr. Werber says do not cut your pet’s hair in the summer. A healthy coat protects your dog from the heat. Also, use SPF 30 sunscreen on your pet’s thinner-skinned areas.

Dr Oz: Dog Car Harness

All dogs love to stick their little heads out the window when you drive. (Heck, I’D love to do that, too!) Dr. Werber suggested purchasing a Dog Car Harness.  Most harnesses attach right to your seatbelt so your dog can move around but still be protected.

Dr Oz: Dog Car Tips

When driving with your dog, be sure the windows are half up and locked. If it is dusty or smoggy, keep windows up and use AC instead. Never, ever, ever, leave a dog in the car alone in the summertime—not even for 5 minutes. The temperature in the car can increase to 120 degrees in 12-14 minutes.

Dog Heat Stroke Signs

Pet signs of heat stroke include heavy panting, fast heartbeat, blood in stool, drooling, and hot to the touch. When you go to test your dog’s temperature, test under his arm or on his groin area. Be sure to give your dog plenty of water. (You can leave a bowl of water out all day long.) When hiking, give your dog water and shade breaks every 20 minutes.

Dr Oz: Pedigree Dog Food

It’s okay to give your dog wet and dry dog food. (Wet foods are higher in water content.) Pedigree Dog Food contains essential fatty acids and B vitamins as well as zinc. These nutrients work together to provide necessary nutrition.

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