Dr Oz: Summer Pasta with Pesto for Pennies: Dave Lieberman Recipe


Doctor Oz brought on one of my favorite guests, Dave Lieberman, to teach us how to make a summer pesto pasta with pecorino and tomatoes.  If that does not have your mouth watering, then I do not know what to tell you!  Dave Lieberman Pesto Pasta Recipe

All you need is arugula, basil, olive oil, nuts (I may use pinenuts instead), pecornio cheese, lemon juice, baby tomatoes and whole wheat pasta.  Dr Oz said that an added bonus is that the lycopene in tomatoes helps to prevent sunburns.  Best of all, the Summer Pasta with Pesto recipe is only 330 calories per serving.  Here is the complete recipe for Dave Lieberman’s Pesto Pasta for the Summer!

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