Dr Oz: Sunflower Oil, Almonds & Olives Tummy Flattening Foods


Dr Oz: Tummy Flattening Foods vs Tummy Fattening Foods

Doctor Oz was joined by Heather, Lucy and Sherri, 3 audience members ready to play Jeopardy! The Best Belly Foods edition. Heather stated that she was tired of her muffin top and wanted to flatten her belly. Lucy had a closet full of shirts that were slowly becoming crop tops. Sherri was becoming a pro at hiding her belly. What’s your story?

Dr Oz: Almonds Flatten Tummies

Each contestant started off with $100. Dr Oz Tummy Flattening Foods Heather picked first and chose the category “Snack Attack”.


  1. Cynthia Portas says

    I am taking two teaspoons of sunflower oil mixed with a small amount of orange juice each morning. The oil is supermarket oil. Will this help to flatten my belly?

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