Dr Oz: Sunflower Oil, Almonds & Olives Tummy Flattening Foods

By on December 6, 2011

Dr Oz: Tummy Flattening Foods vs Tummy Fattening Foods

Doctor Oz was joined by Heather, Lucy and Sherri, 3 audience members ready to play Jeopardy! The Best Belly Foods edition. Heather stated that she was tired of her muffin top and wanted to flatten her belly. Lucy had a closet full of shirts that were slowly becoming crop tops. Sherri was becoming a pro at hiding her belly. What’s your story?

Dr Oz: Almonds Flatten Tummies

Each contestant started off with $100. Dr Oz Tummy Flattening Foods Heather picked first and chose the category “Snack Attack”.

Answer: This diamond shaped nut is often used in nut paste.

Question: What is an Almond?

Heather guessed correctly and picked up $$. Almonds have fiber and helped keep you fuller in between meals so you will not snack as much.

Dr Oz: Olive Tummy Flattener

In control of the board, Heather picked the category “Can You Do The Can Can” for $200. It’s a Daily Double! Heather wages $200.

Answer: This canned food can be the pits, but in the Mediterranean, they love cooking with it. (This question was read by guest, Richard Simmons, btw.)

Question: What are olives?

Heather guessed correctly again. (Way to go, Heather!) She picked up more $$, blowing away the other contestants. Olives contain monounsaturated fats, which are healthy for you.

Dr Oz: Yogurt Diet

Heather, still in charge of the board, chose the category “Breakfast Belly Blasters.”

Answer: This breakfast food contains “good” bacteria that helps with stomach bloat.

Question: What is yogurt?

This time, Lucy buzzed in first and got the correct answer. Yogurt helps regulate bacteria and helps with the bloated feeling.

Dr Oz: Dark Chocolate Diet

Lucy, in charge of the board, chose the category “Candy is Dandy”.

Answer: To flatten your belly, opt for this relative of milk chocolate.

Question: What is dark chocolate? Dark chocolate helps boost your metabolism and contained less added sugar than milk chocolate.

Dr Oz: Sunflower Oil For Weight Loss

Final Jeopardy Category: Flower Power

Answer: Oil from this flower will help flatten your belly and unclog your arteries.

Sherri wagered $100
Sherri’s answer: What is a daisy? (Um, okay, I totally eat daisies all the time too.) Wrong! She was left with $0

Heather wagered all ($500)
Heather’s answer: What is a sunflower? She’s correct. She’s up to $1000.

Lucy wagered $300
Lucy’s answer: What is a sunflower? She’s correct but only ended up with $900.

Heather is the winner! Congrats Heather.

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  1. How much sunflower oil should you take per day to loose weight



  4. I started taking sunflower oil it has five stars is this the right one

  5. Cynthia Portas says:

    I am taking two teaspoons of sunflower oil mixed with a small amount of orange juice each morning. The oil is supermarket oil. Will this help to flatten my belly?

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