Dr Oz: Super Body Scrub & Elephant Elbow Scrub Recipes


Dr Oz: Super Body Scrub Recipe

Fix your most annoying complaints with ingredients you already have in your kitchen.  For this segment, Dr Oz spoke to 2 audience members who wanted to learn how to lighten up stretch marks and how to soften dry, cracked skin.  Check out Dr Oz’s recipes below and help get rid of those irritating issues.


  1. says

    unfortunately, I don’t recall them specifying the type of cream… but I’d imagine that heavy cream, whole milk, or anything similar would work well since it has lactic acid and would be quite moisturizing for your skin…

  2. katelyn says

    with the stretch mark scrub it doesn’t specify how long to scrub for or how often or long long till you get results

  3. Sharon Plaski says

    for the elephant elbow scrub, do you only do this once and then do you apply a cream? Not sure the directions end with leave on 15-20min. then what?

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