Dr Oz Super Power Hour: Recharge Your Body 5 Ways in 5 Days

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Dr Oz Super Power Hour: Recharge Your Body 5 Ways in 5 Days

By on October 12, 2011

Dr Oz: Arniflora Arnica, Dull Skin Remedy & Sensation Tests

Have you lost your zest for life?  Dr Oz has the fix for you.  He took a nationwide survey to find out the Top 5 Complaints from Dr Oz Fans.  Read on to find out if your health issue made the list and how to address the complaint.

Here are the Top 5 Complaints that Dr Oz covered:

Dr Oz: Elevate Your Sensations

Day 1: Elevate Your Sensations!

Deborah, an audience member, felt that her senses were out of wack.  She needed extra spices in her food and more heat when showering.  She also felt that she couldn’t smell very well.

Dr Oz: Senses Test

Take the Senses Test:
Bend your hands. Press the back of the hands and wrists together for 10 seconds.  If you feel a tingling in your fingertips, you may have nerve compression.  The body needs supplements to help the nerves protect themselves. Nerve damage can occur when working on a keyboard every day.

Remedy: Take 10 mcg of Vitamin B12 daily

Dr Oz: Sense of Smell Test

Open an alcohol pad at the level of your belly button.  See if you can smell it.  Move the pad up toward your nose until you can smell it.  It is normal if you can smell the alcohol on the pad 8-12 inches away.  If the pad hovers in the Adams Apple or chin area before you can smell it, your sense of smell is deteriorating.

Sense of Smell Remedy: Take 600 mg of Alpha-Lipoic Acid daily.

Dr Oz: Sense of Taste Test

Mix 1 g of Zinc Sulfate with 1 liter of purified water.  It should taste metallic.  If it does not, you may have a decrease in taste.

Remedy: Take 15 mg of Zinc (in pill form) per day – it restores your sense of taste in a couple of weeks.

Dr Oz: Dull Skin Remedy: Nutmeg & Cinnamon

Day 2: Spice Up Your Skin!

A Dr Oz Fan complained that her skin was no longer vibrant and that over the years, her complexion has dulled.

Remedy: Brew 6 tsp each of nutmeg and cinnamon, put it into a coffee machine and brew about 2 cups.  Pour 2 cups of the brew into a bottle and use it as a body wash to help rejuvenate the skin and give it a healthy glow.

Dr Oz: Bedroom Booster Foods

Day 3: Improve your relationship with your spouse!

Dr Oz: Good Foods For in the Bedroom

– Garlic: has chemicals that opens up blood vessels so blood engorges the areas that need to be engorged.

– Watermelon: has amino acids that improves blood flow.

– Pears

Dr Oz: Bad Foods For in the Bedroom

– Sauerkraut: contains too much salt (around 40% of what you should have all day); however, if you wash the salt off, it’s okay.

– Edamame (beans): The extra estrogen in soy disrupts everything.  You need 25 grams before it becomes a problem though, so a little bit won’t hurt you.

– Coffee: contains too much soy.  See above.

Dr Oz: Arniflora Arnica Gel for Knee Arthritis

Day 4: Lack of energy and flexibility.

Another audience member, Debbie, explained that her knees and ankles get achy.  Dr Oz pulled out the purple gloves, so you knew it was gross organ time!

Dr Oz showed the femur bone.  He opened it up and demonstrated how the rough area of the bone rubs against the meniscus, which causes inflammation of the knee.

Remedy: Smooth Your Moves.
This is a two-part process that involves soothing and stabilizing.

1. Rub a small amount of Arniflora Arnica gel onto the knee.  This soothes it.
2. Place a bandage around the knee, using a figure 8 motion (down and around).  This stabilizes it.

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