Dr Oz: Super Value Superfoods: Eggs, Onions, Chickpeas & Popcorn

Dr Oz’s $5 Friday show included a segment on 4 Super Value  Superfoods for $5 or less.  Doctor Oz sent four women: Keisha, Hanh, Geri, and Nathalie to Gristedes Supermarket and gave them $5 each to pick what they think is Dr Oz’s Super Value Superfood.  One lady was sent to the rice and beans aisle, another to the produce aisle, another to the dairy aisle, and the last one to the candy and nuts aisle in the supermarket.  The ladies walked away with their guesses for Dr Oz’s Super Value Superfoods which included Goat Milk Yogurt, yams, pop corn and lima beans.

Dr Oz: Eggs – $5 Friday Super Value Superfood

Geri was sent to the dairy section and selected Goat’s Milk Yogurt, but Dr Oz said that the first Super Value Super Food for this category is actually Dr Oz $5 Superfoodseggs.  Eggs cost $1 for a half dozen, and if you eat 6 eggs per week like Dr Oz suggested, then it is only 17 cents per day for eggs!  Eggs have something in their egg yolk that helps to fight off the leading cause of blindness – Macular Degeneration.

Dr Oz: Onions – $5 Friday Super Value Superfood

Keisha was sent to the produce aisle and thought that yams would be Dr Oz’s Superfood.  However, the Super Value Superfood from the produce section are onions.  You only need half an onion a day (which is around 69 cents per day) and it can help lower your risk of cancer including Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer.  Dr Oz said that you do not have to buy organic onions wither, because they do not spray onions the same way they spray other fruits and vegetables.

Dr Oz: Chickpeas – $5 Friday Super Value Superfood

Hanh headed to the rice and bean aisle where she selected dried lima beans as her guess.  Dr Oz said that the Super Value Superfood from the rice and beans aisle are Chickpeas or Garbanzo Beans, which cost just $2.09 for a bag and they lower your risk of weight gain.  Dr Oz said that just 1 cup of cooked chickpeas a day gives you 50% of the fiber that you need and so you stay full.  You can make hummus with chickpeas or mix them into salads.  Dr Oz said that, instead of buying canned chickpeas, you can save money by purchasing a bag of dried chickpeas.  You get 7 1/2 cooked cups of garbanzo beans in a bag for about the same price as a can of chickpeas which has only 1 1/2 cooked cups of chickpeas.  Dr Oz said that lima beans have similar properties to chickpeas, but garbanzo beans cost less which is why they won as on of Dr Oz’s Super Value Superfoods.

Dr Oz: Air Popped Popcorn – $5 Friday Super Value Superfood

Nathalie was sent to the candy and nuts aisle and selected popcorn.  Way to go Nathalie!!! She correctly selected Dr Oz’s Super Value Superfood for that section of the supermarket, which is air-popped popcorn.  Dr Oz said that popcorn helps to lower your risk of heart disease because it contains 4 times more polyphenols than is found in fruits.  A bag of 32 ounces of popcorn kernels makes 135 popped cups of popcorn.  So, you can eat about 3 cups of popcorn a day for 5 cents.  Dr Oz made sure to point out that we should be eating Air-Popped Popcorn instead of Microwave Popcorn.

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