Dr Oz: Superfoods for Super Beauty: Grapefruit, Trout, Capers, Pepper

Dr Oz did a show called Superfoods for Super Beauty to give us a new way to look at food – not just as a tool for making us feel good on the inside – but also as a way to improve how we look on the outside.  From wrinkles to acne to dry skin, Doctor Oz put together a fabulous list of Superfoods for Beauty.  It is clear that we (yes, I am guilty of this too!) are obsessed with finding the perfect beauty products or beauty procedures to look great.  But Dr Oz said we might be looking in the wrong places, because some of the best kept beauty secrets come from within us based on the foods that we eat (or should eat).  Last year Americans spent $2.5 billion on creams and cosmetics and $10 billion on cosmetic procedures like Botox, chemical peels and face lifts.  Here is Dr Oz’s Super Foods for Super Beauty grocery  list to keep you gorgeous from the inside – out. Dr Oz Beauty Superfoods

Dr Oz: Superfood Protects Skin from Sun Damage: Pink Grapefruit

Dr Oz was joined by Dr Audrey Kunin to discuss which superfoods help make us even more beautiful than we already are!  Pink Grapefruit protects your skin from sun damage because of the lycopene that makes the grapefruit a pink color.  The lycopene is not just a pigment though, it is also a powerful antioxidant that shields us from ultra violet damage so that you do not get free radicals that take apart your skin’s DNA.  If you look inside of a cell, you will see DNA that is crucial to the cells duplicating which keep you looking young.  Oxygen molecules are normally bonded in a pair, but when UV radiation hits the oxygen, they can become two free radicals instead of one bonded oxygen molecule.  Then the free radicals can damage the DNA in the cell which prevents it from duplicating.  Lycopene is like putting handcuffs on the oxygen molecules, keeping them bound together so that your DNA stays safe and your cells can reproduce normally.  Dr Oz also spoke about free radicals on his show yesterday, click here for the recap of that segment: Ultimate Antioxidant Checklist.  Dr Audrey Kunin told Dr oz that you should start with one half of a grapefruit every week, but the more the better.

Dr Oz: Superfood Prevents Wrinkles – Red Pepper Natural Botox

Dr Oz said that the superfood that prevents wrinkles is red pepper, which acts as a natural botox.  I previously had heard about using chili peppers as a natural lip botox treatment (click here for the article about how to do this home remedy: Chili Pepper Botox Remedy), so I guess all kinds of peppers can work wonders for us!  Red peppers are rich in vitamin C so they help to build up our collagen fibers.  Dr Audrey Kunin said that red peppers have twice as much vitamin C as an orange, and only 1/3 of the calories.  So in a 1/2 cup of red pepper, there are only 20 calories.  Dr Oz said that you can think of collagen like rubber bands in your body.  Ideally, you want three pieces of collagen to bind together to be strong, otherwise the collagen can break and you can get wrinkles.  Vitamin C helps the collagen stay together.  Perhaps this is why there are so many Vitamin C facial serums on the market, like the one our sister site reviewed here: Vitamin C Serum Review.  Dr Kunin suggested eating 1/4 cup of red pepper each day.

Dr Oz: Dry Skin Superfood – Trout

Dr Oz said that trout prevents dry skin, but I also would have guessed what Dr Oz’s guest said which was grape seed oil.  Trout has natural omega 3’s in it that help to hydrate your skin from within.  Eat trout 1-2 times a week as an alternative to salmon.  Personally, I will be sticking with salmon because I like that they have low mercury levels (if you buy wild salmon) and are very high in omega 3’s.

Dr Oz: Acne Superfood – Collard Greens

Dr Oz said that collard greens helps to prevent acne, which is a wonderful thing to hear because I absolutely adore collard greens sauteed with red peppers, onions and black-eyed-peas – I must be a Southern gal at heart!  Collard Greens helps to prevent acne because they are rich in vitamin A which acts like a topical prescription to help exfoliate your skin naturally.  Eat a 1/2 cup of cooked collard greens each week and you will be good to go!

Dr Oz: Superfood Prevents Redness & Inflammation – Capers

Dr Oz said that capers helps to prevent redness and inflammation.  Dr Kunin said that capers contain a Phytonutrient called Quercetin which is a natural antihistamine (so it de-puffs your skin) and it is an anti-inflammatory, so if your skin is red and inflamed, a small amount of capers can help.  You only need 1 TB of capers sprinkled into a main course, so use it as a garnish twice a week.

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