Dr Oz: Superfoods Stop Aging & Prevent Disease: Kale & White Beans

Dr Oz: Superfoods to Stop Aging & Prevent Diseases

Dr Oz did a segment on Superfoods to Stop Aging and Prevent Diseases – plus they may even add 10 years to your life!  Doctor Oz said that one of the best ways to stop aging and to prevent diseases is through what you eat.  His four Superfoods of the day that we must add to our diet are Salmon, Sweet Potatoes, White Kidney Beans (or Cannellini Beans) and Kale.  But first, Dr Oz asked some of his biggest fans for their favorite superfoods, and he got responses like pasta, cake, pizza and pickles.  Of course, he ignored the first three not-so-healthy foods, but he spoke to the lady who named pickles.  She said that she bruises really easily and that she heals faster by eating pickles.  Plus, she said that pickles help her with digestion.  Dr Oz said that he did some research and found that pickles have Vitamin K, which helps your body to clot and heal – therefore, pickles really might help to heal bruises faster if you bruise easily.

Dr Oz: Salmon Superfood

Dr Oz’s first superfood was Salmon, which is honestly not at all surprising.  He has mentioned his love for salmon – particularly Wild Alaskan Salmon – on previous shows.  Salmon is full of omega 3 fatty acids and promotes a healthy heart.  Try to eat a portion of salmon two to three times every week.

Dr Oz: Sweet Potato Superfood

Doctor Oz’s second superfood was sweet potatoes, which are rich in Vitamin A.  They help to protect your eyes, skin and bones.  Plus, Dr Oz Superfoods sweet potatoes are a delicious substitute for the more boring white potato.

Dr Oz: White Kidney Beans Superfood

Dr Oz’s third Superfood is White Kidney Beans, also known as Cannellini Beans.  They are high in fiber and help to lower blood sugar.  Aim to eat three to four servings of White Kidney Beans every week.  And if they give you gas, you can soak the dry beans in water to help reduce the gas – or try a product like Beano.

Dr Oz: Kale Superfood

Doctor Oz’s final Superfood for today is Kale, which he said is the most important food on the list because it is a super Cancer fighter.  Eat two servings of Kale every week.  And if you find that Kale is too bitter, try cooking it for a shorter amount of time (like around 5 minutes).


  1. theresa carmen says

    Dr Oz,

    your show is great ; it helps me stay on target with my health, I learn new things or be aware of changes I need to make to improve or maintain my health.


  2. Tyna says

    Does kale cause intestinal upset? I noticed when I juice and include kale, about 5 hours later I experience great intestinal pain and diarrhea. When I juice with the same ingredients but substitute spinach, I don’t experience the gas. Can you advise?

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