Dr Oz: Supermarket Secrets: End Cap Grocery & Organic Food Tricks

By on April 2, 2012

Dr Oz’s Supermarket Secrets

Did you know that your supermarket has tricks to get you to spend more money? (Why should they be different from any other business?) On today’s show, Doctor Oz is joined by Supermarket Insider, Sue Perry, to give you all the dirty little secrets of your supermarket. Sue says all supermarkets have buying secrets because they want to keep piling stuff into your basket so you’ll purchase more. They figure the longer you stay in the store, the more you’ll buy.  You should also checkout Dr Oz’s Supermarket Survival Guide!

Do Supermarket End Caps Have Good Deals?

Dr Oz: Supermarket Secrets

Dr Oz shared his Supermarket Secrets to save us money!

You’ve seen the end caps with all the big bargains, right? Sue said that was a trick. Just because the display is at the end of the aisle doesn’t mean they’re necessarily offering a big bargain. Supermarkets want you to believe end cap items are discounted so you’ll buy it. If you see an end cap offering 10 for $10, double check it. Most times, you don’t have to purchase all 10 to get the same price when you purchase less.

Dr Oz: Organic Food Labels

If it’s labeled on the packaged, it must be organic, right? Wrong! Sue said not everything labeled organic really is. Fish is an example. There is no standardization for organic fish so when you see this on the label, it’s bogus. Even with items such as broccoli and asparagus, it may say organic but it may be heavily loaded with pesticides. Some of the best foods to buy organic include berries, like strawberries or blueberries.

People Spend Less When Shopping Clockwise

According to Sue, studies have been shown that if the entrance is on right, you have the tendency to shop counter-clockwise. If the entrance is on the left, you shop clockwise. Studies demonstrate that people who shop clockwise tend to spend less. Also, stores will sell the same item at different prices in different sections of the store.

Colorful Produce Doesn’t Mean Fresh

Some fruits have a chemical treatment to block the ripening process and to give it a longer shelf life. You could be buying apples or bananas that look colorful but are old. The halogen lights some stores use make things look fresher. Under these lights, strawberries will look redder and green beans greener. If you want to be sure to buy fresh, buy in season.

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  1. nancy Joyce says:

    Dr. Oz,
    please let me know what to eat for breakfast,mid am, lunch,pm snack & dinner for my diseased gallbladder.I get terrible pain etc if I dont eat the right things. I just had an appendectomy 3wks ago and have to wait for afew more wks to have gallbladder out. Sorry this is not a comment. I dont know of anyother way to get to you.Thanks,AnneMarie,Carmel,ny

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