Dr Oz: Supermarket Survival Guide: Einkorn & Ak-Mak Flat Breads


Dr Oz’s Supermarket Survival Guide

You head to the supermarket every week, looking to purchase healthy items, but in the end, you end up buying the same unhealthy foods. Supermarkets can be very intimidating with the endless decisions about what to buy. With the help of Celebrity Chef, “Big Daddy”, Nutritionist, Kate Gaegan and Fitness Guru, Lisa Lynn, Doctor Oz gave you a survival guide to show you which foods you should purchase, and which foods you should avoid.

Dr Oz: Supermarket Mistakes

Dr Oz Supermarket Survival Guide

Dr Oz's Supermarket Survival Guide


  1. JJ says

    Are we sure this is Gf? Seems a bit contreversial in what I have read. Might want to check before posting here/airing.

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