Dr Oz: Supermarket Survival Guide: Einkorn & Ak-Mak Flat Breads

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Dr Oz: Supermarket Survival Guide: Einkorn & Ak-Mak Flat Breads

By on April 2, 2012

Dr Oz’s Supermarket Survival Guide

You head to the supermarket every week, looking to purchase healthy items, but in the end, you end up buying the same unhealthy foods. Supermarkets can be very intimidating with the endless decisions about what to buy. With the help of Celebrity Chef, “Big Daddy”, Nutritionist, Kate Gaegan and Fitness Guru, Lisa Lynn, Doctor Oz gave you a survival guide to show you which foods you should purchase, and which foods you should avoid.

Dr Oz: Supermarket Mistakes

Dr Oz Supermarket Survival Guide

Dr Oz's Supermarket Survival Guide

Some of the common mistakes when shopping include going to the story hungry. Before grocery shopping, eat something. If you don’t have a chance to eat, skip the chips in aisle four and grab and apple from the produce section. (Don’t forget to pay for it!) Another common mistake is purchasing too many boxed foods. Buy fresh. Also, prepare a menu for the week so you can build a grocery list from the menu you created.

Dr Oz: Grass Fed Meat

Meat is where we spend the most money. Cut your meat purchases in half and double the fish. Have 1 night of red meat, 3-4 nights of fish, and 3-4 nights of chicken. When purchasing meat, look for 100% grass fed on the package. Also, buy the fish first. Choose whiter, lighter foods to fight fat. Big Daddy suggested purchasing meats you can braise or stew, like beef shanks. For more flavor, he also suggested meat on the bone.

Dr Oz Grocery Survival Guide

Fill half your cart with fruits and veggies. Fruits are veggies are great as snacks and side dishes. Options include pre-cut/pre-ready washed veggies to help cut cooking time. Find bargains in the freezer aisle, like baby greens (spinach, turnip). Baby greens are sweeter and tender. For added health benefits, use baby greens in your salad. When it comes to potatoes, go with color. Purple potatoes and sweet potatoes contain more antioxidants. Don’t throw out the skin of the potato, this is where the most nutrients come from. Purchase items like celery and cabbage because they have a near-zero calorie flow, so you can eat a lot but won’t gain weight. These also keep you feeling full.

To replace salt for flavor, use lemon and limes (and other citrus fruits) for zest. Spice up your dishes with fresh oregano and basil instead of salt. When looking for onions, check the peel. Red onions are great for sandwiches or salads. White onions are delish when sautéed, and onions with darker peels are good for stews.

Big Daddy Pasta Sauce

Pastas and grains are great for cleaning out your system. Try to eat grains that come right out of the earth to get the maximum benefits. Big Daddy said to size up your pasta for sauces. Check the number on the box for the thickness of the pasta. (Oh, so that’s what those numbers are for!) Instead of a heavy sauce, try fresh olive oil and roasted peppers. Pair thinner noodles with lighter sauces for a lighter, lower calorie meal.

Dr Oz: Einkorn Wheat

Eikorn is the original wheat first cultivated by man and is a great pasta for those with gluten issues. Einkorn is packed with fiber and protein to give your blood sugar stability. You can buy einkorn at grocery stores.

Dr Oz: Japanese Crackers

Instead of the higher fat, higher carb cracker, try Japanese crackers. Japanese crackers are high in fiber and low in fat so you will feel satiated much longer. Because they are lower in fat, you can eat more with less calories. One serving only has 100-130 calories, which is right on target for a quick pick-me-up snack.

Dr Oz: Ak-Mak Flat Breads

Ak-Mak flat breads are a delicious tasting (and healthy) Armenian bread. It’s low in carbs and high in fiber, so it will keep you full for longer. Use it as a side to your soups and salads.

Dr Oz says you can also find unexpected ordinary foods with extraordinary health benefits in your dairy case that include:

Dr Oz: Kefir Milk

Kefir Milk is great for digestion. It contains beneficial bacteria to clear your intestinal track. You can either use it in your cereal or use it as a base for a delicious tasting smoothie.  I have personally tried many different kefir products, and my favorite is Latta, because unlike many other kefirs on the market, they use “zero thickeners, zero preservatives, and zero artificial ingredients or fillers” and everything is made naturally in small batches.  They even make kefir cheese and kefir butter for extra ways to sneak probiotics into our diets!  So go like them on facebook (here is their page: Latta Kefir)!

Dr Oz: Tapioca Pudding

This yummy tasting dessert isn’t just for your kids (or your 90-year-old grandmother) anymore. Tapioca pudding is used in Africa, Asia and South America because of its health benefits. Tapioca pudding contains cassava root, which as Dr Oz Fans know, is great for lowering your cholesterol. Pick some up today!

Dr Oz: Soy Yogurt

Instead of your regular yogurt, which may be high in sugars, try soy yogurt. This delicious tasting treat helps to lower your cholesterol and keep your heart healthy. For added taste—and health benefits— mix in fresh fruit or granola for a great snack for the kiddies.

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