Dr Oz: Surprising Habits Destroying Your Health

Dr Oz did a segment called Surprising Habits Destroying Your Health.  Some habits are destroying our health and taking years off of our lives, but do you know what they are?  Doctor Oz spoke about the importance of stretching in bed, using the right skin creams, and not mixing calcium with prescription medication.

Dr Oz: Stretch In Bed Every Morning

Dr Oz said that it is crucial to stretch your back every morning while you are still in bed and before you get up.  When you just hop out of bed in a careless way, the spine can get injured and the discs may become herniated (thereby pinching a nerve and causing pain throughout your body).  To stretch in bed, push your feet down to stretch them out and reach your arms high up over your head and reach for the headboard.  Take a deep breath in and out for 10 seconds.  Also, you should make sure to get up the right way.  Dr Oz said that you should always remain symmetric.  First, coil to the side like in a fetal position, then situp with your legs over the side of the bed, and before you get out of bed, put your hands on your knees and push yourself up.

Dr Oz: Antioxidant Cream at Night & SPF Cream During The Day

Dr Oz said using the wrong skin cream can cause more problems than using nothing at all.  You may need something more or less powerful as estrogen levels shift throughout your body.  Dr Oz said that you should use a face cream with SPF 15 during the day.  You do not want to wear an Antioxidant Cream during the day because the sunlight destroys it anyway.  Instead, take out your Antioxidant Cream in the evening.

Dr Oz: Don’t Mix Calcium & Prescription Medication

Dr Oz said that the number three habit that could be destroying your health is taking a calcium magnesium supplement along with a prescription medication or a multivitamin.  By taking calcium magnesium at the same time as a Thyroid Medication, for example, the calcium blocks it from working.  The same thing happens if you take a multivitamin and calcium at the same time.  Take your calcium magnesium supplement a couple hours after your multi-vitamin.  Also, beware of calcium-fortified orange juice because it has the same effect.  What I do not understand is how calcium could block a multi-vitamin from being absorbed into your body when many multi-vitamins have calcium in them.


  1. Pam Harvie says

    What is an example of an antioxidant cream? What ingredients do you look for? Best suggestions for a 55 year old?

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