Dr Oz: Surviving Holidays In Recovery + Night Of Conversation


Dr Oz: In Recovery Over The Holidays

If you’re in recovery from addiction, the holidays can be especially difficult. Dr Oz introduced Pamela, who explained that she’s been living a rollercoaster ride of recovery and addiction. She had her first drink when she was 13-years-old and her first black out when she was the same age. She liked the way drinking made her feel. She went to rehab when she was 20 and again at age 27. She gave birth to a beautiful girl and it was during the pregnancy that she hit an emotional and spiritual bottom. She’s now been sober for five years.

Dr Oz: Surviving Holidays In Recovery + Night Of Conversation

Dr Oz brought in Dr Mike Dow who shred his best tips for surviving the holidays when you’re in recovery. (portlandprevention / Flickr)

Recovery takes a lot of work, especially around the holidays when alcohol is a lot more present.

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