Dr Oz: Susanne Eman World’s Biggest Woman Truth Tube Results


Dr Oz: World’s Biggest Woman

Dr Oz did a segment with Susanne Eman, who is trying to become the fattest woman in the world.  She claims to be perfectly healthy, even though she weighs 720 pounds at the age of 32.  So Doctor Oz ran some tests to find out what is really going on inside of her body.  With a goal of weighing 1800 pounds, Dr Oz seemed very concerned.  Even her own doctor told her that she is playing Russian Roulette with her life.  But she says that she checks her blood sugar regularly and there is no sign of Diabetes.  Susanne Eman said that if her health started to fade, she would change around her lifestyle.  As the mother of two kids, I do not know how she can do this to herself and her children.  Both boys told the Dr Oz Show that they worry about their mom and that they are concerned she will die if she takes it too far.  Eman had a smug smirk on her face, even when hearing her boys says this, and I must say that I found it very upsetting to say the least.  She did acknowledge that she worries a little about the impact on her boys, but she says she discusses it with them regularly and that they are supportive.  She even talks to them about what to do in school about being bullied over the issue.

Susan Eman Truth Tube Results:

Dr Oz ran some tests on Susan Eman and sent her to the Truth Tube.  Here is what the results were: Dr Oz Susanne Eman



  1. toni says

    I found Suzanne Eman to be very smug with the doctor. I was repulsed by her obesity and the denial that something is actually wrong with her. I’m sure that there are other folks who would be more than willing to accept Dr. Oz’s help, so why do we honor deadbeats with these options? I find Suzanne’s attitude to be one of selfishness. I think that people who commit suicide fall into this same bracket – SELFISH!!!

  2. toni says

    And one other remark regarding Suzanne Eman – if people are starving here in the USA or in other nations, just think how many could eat on 22000 calories daily.

  3. Tudees says

    This Eman “obese” woman is clearly sick in the head. Just like the alcoholic who will never admit he belongs to an AA.

    She needs to be treated in the head before you can treat the pig.

  4. Linda says

    That fat woman is a very sick woman. She is in denial about the state of her health. Did anyone notice that she has brown smudges on her cheeks I guess trying to make her look like she has cheekbones. It just looks like she has a dirty face. If she doesn’t get help soon, her boys will be without a mom.

  5. says

    When I saw how many folds she had in her body from all the fat, I couldn’t help thinking that she must have a hard time keeping clean and probably has terrible body odor, and is prone to skin breakdown and infections.

  6. linda says

    She is nuts. She must not love her children. They are afraid that she will die and she takes it so lightly. With all her fat folds, I bet she really stinks. The fatter she gets, the more she will depend on her kids to cook and feed her and even help bathe her, and wipe her dirty butt after going to the toilet. On tv there was a fat man who laid naked on a bed with just a sheet over him. His poor wife and to clean him up after he pooed. I think he died. This mama is on her way to laying on a bed too. If I were her boys, I would run away.

  7. says

    I have a degenerative neuromuscular disease and would do anything to be healthy again, and be able to go to the gym and work out 5 days a week like I used to. This woman is taking her health and throwing it away. All I can say is this : if she can’t make enough of a living to support her food expense and her health care later on when her kidneys and liver fail and her limbs have to be amputated from diabetes, I hope medicaid refuses to pay. The fact that taxpayers might have to pay the bills for someone who is killing herself, is unacceptable. As for those men who like women who obviously can’t clean themselves and probably stink to high hell — good luck to them because this is a perversion.

  8. gina says

    I weigh in at 275 lbs and I am depressed everyday until now that is !! Susan I offer you a0 challenge join me in the fight against obesity ! You think it would be amazing to make it to 1100 lbs ? How amazing do you think it would be to losse 500! I would love the help from Dr Oz but even more I would love to help you ! Think of your boys think of your health you are a very pretty lady !! Don’t lose yourself in the fat and food find yourself in strength and goals!! The choice is yours let’s kick some booty!

  9. Dereck says

    I think susane eman is hot. But it doesn’t mean that she’s fat, doesn’t mean she stinks. She probaly cleans her self.(she probably smells good) She is very beautiful,and I hope she makes a decision that she and every one else likes. I think she should loose 100 or 200 lbs then she’ll be about 500 or 600 lbs.She is very hot and I dont want her to die because she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.She isnt selfish.So I hope you live. Other people are mean but im wise and nice so if you’re reading this Susane Eman take my advice.

  10. linda says

    Dereck, she must smell bad. Her arms are so fat that she can’t posibly reach certain areas of her body to wash. She has a dirty face and she is really ugly. She’s so fat she has rolls and rolls of blubber that must get hot and sore. Her poor sons must bathe her fat self. Ew! How do you think she is hot? She must look like a whale in a swim suit. She does not listen to Dr. Oz and his good advice. Her blood pressure is high and she is heading for a stroke or heart attack and soon. She eats enough food per day to feed some poor folks for weeks. She should be ashamed of herself. If you think she’s hot or beautiful, I suggest you get your eyes and head checked out.

  11. Dereck says

    Why would her sons clean her people just think that because they think she’s ugly. You guys are mean you cant just insult her what if she reads your comments. If you were her and someone called you that, you wouldnt like that right? I dont care what anyone says I think she’s hot. But I do agree she should loose a couple of hundred pounds. But you should still respect her what. Bueaty comes from a persons opinion.

  12. Dereck says

    but i have to admit she’s kinda weird. I think she’s a little insane. She does love her kids but her kids dont like what she’s doing. In the photos and videos if you pay attention to their faces the kids are sad. I do agree she should stop. Someone should help her with her problems like a psychologist or something like that.I hope she makes a wise decision.

  13. linda says

    Dereck, I can’t respect her. Look at what she is doing to her children? She is dying a little more and more each day and they [her sons] are there to see it happen. The poor kids, my heart breaks for them. She thinks she is in good health but Dr. Oz proved that wrong. Her kidneys, liver and heart soon won’t be able to function and she will die leaving those boys motherless. The kids in school probably pick on the boys over having mama in the news and on tv showing off her super obese self. They must get teased terribly about it. She can’t be right in the head for wanting to be the fattest woman on earth. She eats so much food and here in America we have children that go to bed hungry. That’s a shame. She should lose the weight now before it’s too late. Also she must smell bad because she is so super fat that she can’t possibly reach some body parts that need to be washed and kept clean. My neice is a nurse and she tells me about fat folks rolls and how smelly and sores plus infections they get under their rolls of fat. They sweat alot under those rolls. Suzanne has a hard time walking now, can you imagine if she gets fatter, she will be confined to a bed? Then her heart muscle will get no exercise and her heart will just give out. Those poor boys. Does Suzanne have a mother? Father? She needs help.

  14. linda says

    Dereck, I feel sad too about the world’s problems and also feel sad for Suzzanne’s sons. Have you heard anymore news about her? I wonder what she weighs now? I’ve noticed that her older son is now getting heavier. I fear her sons will take after her and get super fat. The food we eat today is loaded with fat and sodium. We must read labels at the grocery store and be careful. As a nation, we must get healthier. I was wondering if Suzzanne has a mom, dad or sisters , brothers to talk to. I am sure they don’t want her to die at such a young age. Well I will pray that she will come to her senses before it’s too late.

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