Dr Oz: Suzanne Somer’s Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Iscador

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Dr Oz: Suzanne Somer’s Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Iscador

By on December 16, 2011

Dr Oz: Iscador Breast Surgery Review

Doctor Oz did a show about Suzanne Somer’s Iscador Breast Surgery.  In this segment, Dr Oz used an animation to show you how the exact procedure was done. Suzanne, however, took the time to describe it in Laymens terms.

Suzanne Somer’s Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Step 1- They took fat from her stomach through the belly button (you can take it from wherever, but she preferred the stomach.)

Step 2 -Whip the fat up until it comes out like mousse Dr Oz Suzanne Somers
The top was layer fat
The middle layer was blood
The bottom layer was stem cells (little pellets)

Step 3- Gather strong stem cells and whip it up.

Step 4- Pump it into the breast until it fills up. (Stem cells secrete chemicals to help pump up the breast.)

Doctor Oz showed Suzanne’s actual surgery, where Suzanne promptly joked that this was a first; “Suzanne Somers topless on The Doctor Oz Show.”

Dr Joel Aronowitz Iscador Review

According to plastic surgeon, Dr. Aronowitz, this is a new alternative that is going to be available to a lot of women. This may be healthier than an implant because unlike implants, this procedure had no scars and complications like implants do. While this is a 5- year clinical trial, Dr. Aronowitz believed that in the future, this operation will be done immediately. The great thing about this procedure is that the tissue around the nipple can be preserved. He suggested that women undergoing this procedure ask that this tissue be preserved. Dr. Aronowitz noted that the more breast tissue a woman has, the better. We know fat doesn’t cause fat cancer, so there is no reason to believe these cells placed in the breast stimulates breast cancer to come back.

Dr Peter Rueben: Iscador Complications

Some of the complications of this procedure are like those of liposuction. One issue was that you may get small cysts or calcifications. This is a concern because those cysts or calcifications, which are hard masses in the breast, may be mistaken for cancer. Dr. Reuben also stated that this is a clinical procedure. You need to be sure that this is done in a clinical research center by qualified medical professionals.

In the end, Suzanne was proactive and did this procedure legally. She wanted to be able to get onto a national show, like The Dr Oz Show, and show that she did it right. She felt the possibilities of this method were endless. We, as individuals, should be able to bank our stem cells so we can use them to the full maximum.

Note: Dr. Reuben stated that this method is being tried on wounded soldiers to help with lost limbs etc. (That’s good news!)

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Comments to Dr Oz: Suzanne Somer’s Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Iscador

  1. I’m missed the show . Is this done only for a lumpectomy or a partial mastectomy? This can’t be done for a radical mastectomy correct?

  2. Helen Campfield says:

    I had a malignant tumor removed and took Iscador for 14 months via injections that I administered. Over 4 years ago and I’m still cancer free!!

  3. These posts have nothing to do with Iscador (an extract of mistletoe used widely by cancer patients in Europe). The headings above were very misleading. Iscador is not a surgical procedure.

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