Dr Oz: Suzanne Somers Iscador Breast Surgery After Cancer


Dr Oz: Iscador Breast Surgery

Legendary Actor, Suzanne Somers has battled cancer— and she rejected the conventional treatment. For the first time on television, she discussed the revolutionary procedure that helped to rebuild her breast.

You recognize her as the bubbly, brainless Chrissy Snow on the 70s show, “Three’s Company.” (One of my favorite shows!) Suzanne Somers is also the author of dozens of books, which half of those books landing on the NY Times Best Seller List. She is also the popular promoter of—say it with me now—the Thigh Master. (Mine is still in the closet!) Ten years ago, she went onto The Larry King Show to share that she had breast cancer. She was given several alternatives to combat the disease but eventually, rejected conventional treatment. She did not want to do chemotherapy, so after careful consideration, she wanted to try Iscador, which is mistletoe extract, and bioidentical hormone therapy. She chose this route because she had spent several years expanding her empire discussing her use of hormones to promote longevity and a health. She chose to use her stem cells and her own body’s fat to rebuild her breast. The question is; is this process safe?

Suzanne Somers Breast Cancer

Doctor Oz asked how she was first diagnosed and she told him that she went in for her yearly mammogram. Dr Oz Suzanne Somers Iscador Breast Surgery She began getting a yearly mammo at age 40 because she had family members that were diagnosed with breast cancer. It wasn’t until she was about 50-years-old that she was diagnosed at a routine mammogram. She had the routine mammogram and the doctor told her she was fine. As she was getting dressed, her doctor asked her to try a new mammography machine he recently purchased. Hesitantly, she did. That was the day her doctor found a 2.4 cm tumor in her breast. The regular mammography missed it for years because the tumor was set far in the back of her breast.


  1. philosopher says

    This is another example of Scientific research becoming Science reality.Research is key to human advancement and survival. Those of us who read and inform ourselves about the potenial of Stem Cell research are not surprised. Those who wish to force everyone to live according to their beliefs will be threatened by this. Science will win as it has since the draw of time. The Majority of people in the US support Stem Cell research.

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