Dr Oz: Suze Orman 4-Step Plan to Downsize Debt & Diet

Dr Oz and Suze Orman gave a 4 Step Plan to Downsize Debt and Diet today.  I am sure that most of you have seen Suze Orman before, but in case you have not, she is America’s Financial Planner and recently published a new book called The Money Class.  Orman told Doctor Oz that her message in the book is that people say the American Dream is dead because they can never buy a house, retire or pay for their kid’s college education, and her response is thank goodness the American Dream is dead.  Who needs a new car every few years and why do we need to always strive for bigger and better?  Suze Orman discusses how to create a new sustainable American Dream that will help all of us to be healthier and happier.  Don’t forget to also read and take the Suze Orman Pledge

Dr Oz: Suze Orman Downsize Debt Plan

Here are Dr Oz’s and Suze Orman’s tips on how to reduce your debt and your waistline at the same time. Dr Oz Suze Orman

Dr Oz: Write Down Everything You Spend & Eat

The first rule is to write down everything that you spend and everything that you eat.  By writing down what you spend, Suze Orman says you will get an accurate, honest and truthful outlook on what you spend every month.  And Dr Oz said that people who log what they eat lose twice as much weight, because they think about if they should really eat something or not.

Dr Oz: Change It Slowly

Suze Ormal said don’t go for the quick financial fix.  Do not let credit card companies trick you with their quick fix schemes.  Don’t claim bankruptcy!  Just handle it little by little.  Dr Oz said that the same thing applies to quick diet fixes – they don’t work.  However long it took you to gain all the weight is how long it will take you to lose all of the weight in a sustainable way.

Dr Oz: Cut Up Credit Cards

Suze Orman said that you should cut up all of your credit cards.  Dr Oz asked why can’t you just cancel them?  But Orman said that if you cancel your credit cards, you decrease your credit line.  And if you credit line goes down while your debt stays the same, then your credit score gets hurt.  So do some Financial Surgery and take your credit cards and cut them up!  Dr Oz said that you should also cut out all the junk food – remove it from your home completely.  You make big decisions at the supermarket, but if you buy the right things, then you won’t even have the option to eat it in your house.

Dr Oz: Tell Others About Debt & Diet

Suze Orman said to Face It and tell others about your debt.  You have to face it to erase it!  If you live in a financial illusion then people will expect certain things of you, but if you tell everyone about your debt, then they won’t ask for things you cannot afford.  Dr Oz said that you should also tell someone how much you are committed to losing.  So pick up your phone or find someone in your home, and tell them how much debt that you have and how many pounds overweight you are.  We can get debt free and lose weight together!


  1. mimi says

    I already shop the thrift stores, I sometimes use the food bank. I can buy cheap white bread for .99. Whole grain bread is $3-$4. Eating junk is cheaper to buy. Ramen noodels, .33. I no longer own, I rent. The only debt is my car which I bouught used. I cut my cable back to basic and watch old videos I got for a buck. I have a pension, not enough to live on, work part time and work from home here and there. I am treading but not making progress. I have no savings. I have no where else to cut. I went to live with my folks for a while to catch up. I have one credit card with no balance, I use it sometimes but mostly keep it in case I have to purchase an emergency airfare as my parents are aging. Its only 10% interest. really. I was a little upside down and the credit card co helped me. froze the acct and fees, I paid it off a month early. I now have that one card with no annual fee. What else could I do? Yes I am overweight by about 40 pounds. Help me in Tucson.

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