Dr Oz: Suze Orman Pledge: Can You Afford To Be Fat & In Debt?

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Dr Oz: Suze Orman Pledge: Can You Afford To Be Fat & In Debt?

By on March 14, 2011

Dr Oz did a segment with Suze Orman called Can You Afford To Be Fat?  There is a link between weight gain and financial drain and Doctor Oz said that you have to reduce your debt to trim your waist.  Suze Orman understands the importance of being financially fit because even though she is called America’s Money Expert, she once was living a financial lie.  At the end of this article is Dr Oz’s and Suze Orman’s Pledge to get debt-free and lose weight, so lets all print it out and pledge to improve our lives!  Also, do not forget to read this segment about Dr Oz & Suze Orman’s 4-Step Plan to Downsize Debt.

Dr Oz: Suze Orman In Debt?

Suze Orman has a famous television show where she talks about “Can I Afford It?” to look at different people’s financial Dr Oz Suze Orman Pledgesituations, along with what they want to buy, and she either approves the purchase or denies it (and most of the time she is saying “Denied!”).  Orman is also the author of ten best-selling books and she has been on both the Time Magazine and Forbes Magazine top 100 lists.  She said she will forever thank her parents for poverty, because she learned from her father that nothing keeps a good person down.  She worked her way through college, earning $400 a month from working 7 days a week.  Suze Orman wanted to open her own restaurant, and her customers believed in her so much that they invested $50,000 in her.  But a broker tricked her and swindled away her money, leaving her with nothing.  That is when she became a high powered broker and opened her own firm.  Before long, she was spending lots of money and was 1/4 million dollars in credit card debt.  But everyone thought that she was a wise and rich financial advisor.  One day she Orman was sitting in a restaurant and realized that the waitress was richer than she was.  So she turned her life around with honesty, integrity and truth.

Dr Oz & Suze Orman: Debt & Overweight Link

Suze Orman said that we all have to start somewhere, and she likes to say “I am you and you can be me” rather than “I am better than you.”  Being a world expert on financial issues and from doing her television show for 10 years, she has noticed a connection between financial debt and weight gain.  If you have credit card debt, you do not tell people about it usually, but your financial problems show up in your health in many ways.  Dr Oz and Suze Orman both stated a scary statistic.  If you are overweight, your employer will pay you $3.50 less per hour than someone who is not overweight.  That amounts to $7000 a year which could be $1 million over your life.  Dr Oz said that the extra pounds of course hurt your health as well and can lead to Heart Disease, Strokes and Diabetes (just to name a few).  Orman said that if your in debt, and your health problems cause you to die, then your bills get passed down to the ones who you love.

Dr Oz: Can You Afford To Be Fat?

Dr Oz found three women who were in need of financial advise from Suze Orman. Kelly spends a lot but feels that she deserves a lot.  She has 30 credit cards and loves shoes, hair products and has even bought a time share and a boat.  Kendra said that nobody knows she is broke, but she has champagne taste and a beer budget so between being a shop-a-holic and loving to eat out, she has quite a bit of debt.  Christine said she is working hard to live the American Dream.  As a single mom, she lives month to month and works as a real estate agent.  And guess how much debt these three women have: $44,000, $20,000 and $38,000.  Suze Orman said the thing that scares her the most is that these ladies do not think that having credit card debt is even a problem.  Orman calls this being a financial liar.  All three women clearly felt badly about having so much credit card debt though.  Dr Oz said that extreme debt makes you twice as likely to be overweight, which is why the BMI of all three women was not a surprise – they were all either overweight or obese.

Dr Oz: FICO Score

The average FICO Score of the people in Dr Oz’s Audience was as follows:

760-850 (26%)

735-759 (19%)

660-724 (9%)

560-659 (41%)

300-559 (5%)

Suze Orman said that your FICO score tells everything from an employer if they should hire you to a bank if then should extend a line of credit to you.  You want a FICO Score of 720 or above and a BMI of less than 25.  Orman said that anything in the 500’s or 600’s is a bad FICO score, which means that half of Doctor Oz’s audience had a bad FICO Score.  And guess what else?  The average BMI in Dr Oz’s audience was 27, which is overweight.  59% of the audience was either overweight or obese, so Suze Orman and Dr Oz were trying to draw a connection between this and the 50% of the audience with poor FICO Scores.

Dr Oz & Suze Orman’s Pledge

Dr Oz modified Suze Orman’s Pledge to be  pledge for financial health and physical health.  You cannot be wealthy without being healthy and you can’t be healthy without being wealth.  The pledge says the following:

I pledge to stand in the truth.  from this day forward, my thoughts and actions will be true.  I will share my truth with those around me.  In Health and Wealth, (sign your name here).

You can also print out the full certificate of the Dr Oz & Suze Orman Pledge here.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Suze Orman Pledge: Can You Afford To Be Fat & In Debt?

  1. Where does the stat that if you are in extreme debt you are 2 times more likely to be overweight? I would be interested to review the research for a book I am writing.

    I also see the connection between weight and wealth in the work I do. I have an expertise in eating disorders and money psychology and find this connection fascinating and a key to helping people take better care of their bodies and their bank accounts. But I am concerned that this blog did not touch upon that fact that it is discrimination that people who are overweight earn less and that this is actually something that should be made illegal such as discrimination based on race or gender. Also money disorders are complex and research does not validated that overspending and binge eating which often leads to being overweight are co-morbid conditions. In fact, some over spenders are struggling with chronic dieting and/or yo yo dieting and bad body image. While it is nice and tidy to present the info this way, it is actually not accurate.

    The issues are complex and much more complex than I fear Ms. Orman can appreciate with out a background in psychology and expertise in eating disorders.

    Kathleen Burns Kingsbury
    Author, Weight Wisdom and Creating Wealth from the Inside Out

  2. Christine says:

    I am Christine from this episode of Dr Oz. The women the producers told to say “I am just trying to live the American Dream.” In reality, I am really just trying to survive the same financial crisis most of the middle class people in this country are.

    I was contacted by the producers of the Dr Oz show to ask if I would be interested in coming on the show to tell my story. At first I thought do I really want to do this? I clearly explained to the producers that my debt is a result of a certain set of circumstances beyond my control. I do not live a lavish lifestyle, and right now, I am just trying to survive a a financial crisis and take care of my daughter. My weight gain was mostly caused by stress of a divorce, moving twice in a year, losing my business and losing my home. I was concerned about the way my life might be exposed by appearing on the show. The producers informed me that I was coming to the show to get help from Suzie Orman and Dr Oz. To me, that meant for my individual circumstances, not a “one size fits all” scripted progam.
    Instead I was lied too, used and exposed to promote Ms. Orman’s new book which I did not even receive a copy of. I never even got to meet Suzie Orman or Dr Oz. All the time I was there waiting for this “help” I wa supposed to receive. I was sitting in a room until they brought us out onto the stage and made fools of us.
    These two people are a disgrace especially Ms. Orman. She is a loud mouth with a “blanket approach” to solving everyone’s money problems. They are not here to help anyone but themselves get richer. Do not be fooled by the glamour of television. I took two days away from work and all I received was a warm bottle of water a stale muffin and a Dr Oz mug.

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