Dr. Oz: Sweat Indicates Deadly Disease & Home Remedies for Sweat

Doctor Oz said that where you sweat and how much you sweat could be a sign of a life threatening disease.  Do you sweat 100 ml, 1 liter or 10 liters of sweat a day?  What is a normal amount of sweat?  In fact, all of these amounts can be normal, depending on how active you are.  Sweating helps your body to cool down and is a healthy body function.  The problem is if you are sweating 10 liters a day and are not active.

Types of Sweat

1.  Primary Sweating or Hyperhidrosis

If your sweat gland is overstimulated, then you may have primary hyperhidrosis.  With hyperhidrosis, you may get sweat symmetrically in places like your palms, feet, forehead, and armpits.

2.  Secondary Sweating or Hyperhidrosis

Secondary hyperhidrosis is the real problem.  With secondary sweating or hyperhidrosis, you will sweat everywhere (even your buttocks, chest and back) and it will not necessarily be symmetrical.  If you have secondary hyperhidrosis or sweating, it could be a sign of hyperthyroidism, diabetes (causes you to urinate more and sweat more) or cancer (lymphomas especially).

Home Remedies for Sweating

1.  Tea for Sweaty Palms

Tannins in tea will dry out your pores and help to shrink your pores.  So brew some tea, and let it cool off completely.  Then soak your palms in the tea for 20 minutes.

2.  Anti-Persperiant or Aluminum Chloride for Sweat

Deodorant only helps you to smell better, but antiperspirant usually uses aluminum chloride to block your pores and to prevent them from sweating.

3.  Botox for Sweating

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  1. says

    hi i just found out why im sweatig so much and dont want to mask the problem with meds. i perfer naturally ingrediendts that get to the root of the problem.could you recomend a diet plan and natural vitimins for my over active tyroid.im 63 and already taking blood pressure pils and anxiety med. my throid reading was 0.009, three years ago it was 0.010. i also have a past history of alcohol abuse but have been clean this time for 0ne month.my nutristist said i might need to get more blood work done on my liver cause it is bloated. i do you think i should take vitimins for my liver and if sl what kind. m 5 7 and weight 154.im tired in the after nooon and cant sleep all night/ i do not want to take the radiation pill or have iodine shoot in me or the surgury. i have no insurance and dont work.i beleive all this was brought on by abussing alcohol which runs in our family and all the systems i have does also but my uncle didnt even drink and he has alot of health issues but his has to do from being over weight.is my guess. thank you for your time. have a great day. sincerly sandra s.c

  2. says

    Sandra, I am not a doctor (just Dr. Oz’s biggest fan!)… so I cannot really advise you on this topic. I would try talking to a doctor and/or a nutritionist.

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