Dr Oz & Taylor Swift: Healthy Snack Recipe: Peanut Butter Recipe


Dr Oz said his family has known Taylor Swift and her family since she was a little kid, so she was a perfect addition for the Ask Dr Oz Celebrity Edition show.  Taylor Swift has sold more than 13 million albums and her latest album is called Speak Now.  Swift told Doctor Oz that she likes to incorporate healthy snacks into her life when she is on the road.  So what kind of healthy snacks can she get at the grocery store? Dr Oz & Taylor Swift Recipe


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    My calcium levels have been Physicians have seem concerned, but nothing done, medically. high for about six years now. Also, my glucose levels have been low for the same amt. of time.

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    Trudy, since I am not a doctor, I really cannot give medical advice. Have your doctors suggested taking calcium supplements for your low calcium levels?

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