Dr Oz: Teeth Whiteners, Gray Hair & Puffy Eye Bags: Myths Exposed


Dr Oz: Extreme Myths Exposed with Science Bob

Dr Oz did a show with Science Bob called Extreme Myths Exposed.  They tackles some of the biggest Ant-Aging Myths.  Does stress turn your hair gray?  Are Teeth Whiteners the best way to whiten your teeth?  Does lack of sleep cause bags under your eyes?  And what is the secret reason that you have wrinkles (click here to find out: Dr Oz: Wrinkle Causes)?  Doctor Oz has done excellent shows with Science Bob in the past, so definitely take a look at these recaps of past shows too: Dr Oz: Mom Myths Exposed and Dr Oz: Does Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfect Cuts?

Dr Oz: Does Stress Turn Hair Gray?

Dr Oz’s first myth to tackle was whether or not stress turns your hair gray.  There seems to be compelling evidence for this claim, since Obama and just about every other president to get into office gets more and more gray hair while they serve.  But as it turns out, there is no Dr Oz Gray Hair Mythscientific proof yet that can tie stress to gray hair.  Science Bob said that the cause of Gray Hair is actually a chemistry battle between Hydrogen Peroxide which is found naturally in your hair and another enzyme that keeps your hair from turning gray.  Dr Oz showed an image of a hair follicle and at the base is a cell that squeeze pigment into the hair to give it a color.  If this cell gets damaged, then the pigment stops being injected.  Science Bob believes that if we can understand how Hydrogen Peroxide influences our hair exactly, we could cure the problem of gray hair forever!


  1. maria candelaria flentie says

    I hardly have any teeth left most of the tine I put my food on a blender to make it easier on my stomach is it safe or not?

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