Dr Oz: Teeth Whitening Remedy Recipe: Lemon & Baking Soda


Dr Oz knows that one of the things that many of us are most ashamed of when we smile is our yellow teeth.  Why do your teeth get yellow and discolored?  And what is the top secret Dr Oz Teeth Whitening Home Remedy?  Here is what Doctor Oz said about keeping your teeth pearly white! Dr Oz Teeth Whitening Remedy

Dr Oz’s guest from the audience of the Dr Oz Show said that she tried the Whitening Strips for teeth, but they made her teeth very sensitive.  Dr Oz said that an increase in teeth sensitivity is a very common side effect of these whitening products.

Dr Oz: Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Dr Oz showed the anatomy of a tooth.  There is a nerve that runs through the middle of the tooth and the bright white color on the outside of the tooth is the enamel, but as the enamel erodes, your white teeth discolor and turn yellow.  Dr Oz said that dentists will tell you that anything that can stain a t-shirt can also stain your teeth.  The key to keeping your teeth white is to not let it get too far along in the yellowing process.


  1. says

    As a dentist, I would like to comment here on Dr Oz’s recommendations. With all due respect to Dr. Oz, he is no more qualified to give advice on dentistry than I am to give advice on cardio-thoracic surgery (his specialty).

    I absolutely DISAGREE with these recommendations. It would be dangerous to apply a slurry of lemon juice to teeth and then brush! Lemons are HIGHLY acidic! And they are not just little bit acidic since the pH is about 2. The pH scale goes from 1 to 14. The strongest acid is 1, whereas the strongest base (opposite of acid) is a 14. (Coke is about a 2!) Acid will degrade the surface of your teeth! Baking soda is highly abrasive. Acid will break down and disolve the enamel on your teeth and brushing the baking soda mixture immediately afterward will erode them quickly. The mixture of the two is a recipe for disaster! PLEASE DO NOT put ACID on your teeth to whiten them…and please do not get dental advice from non-dentists!

  2. Dr. Suzuki says

    Lori, thank you for your post. I found out about this from a patient who I just saw this morning.
    He had only used this lemon juice slurry a few times and came in this morning because his teeth were getting brown along the gum-line. He was suffering from, you guessed it, ACID EROSION.
    Fortunately the damage was mild and I was able to bond some resin to the affected areas to conceal the exposed and yellow dentin. I fear that the popularity of this tv show will cause many people to suffer a worse fate. Please get the word out to STOP this practice!

  3. says

    Lemon Juice? Baking Powder? Really?!? This is horrible advice. Search for “lemon erosion teeth pictures” to see the dangerous damage that exposure to lemons and other acids can cause. Combine that with brushing with an abrasive when the teeth are softened by an acid. Oh my?!? Bad idea.

  4. Jean Teneriello says

    My 39 year old daughter has been using CREST Pro Health, and now has noticed her bottom teeth are outlined in brown, her tongue has a black strip down the middle, has had pain on top of her head, and slight blurred vision. She has always had white teeth, and started using this Crest in January. Have you had other complaints? Do you know what she should do to resolve this problem.
    Thank you for your time.

  5. says

    I recently viewed the rerun of the episode in which the good doctor gave out his home remedy for tooth whitening. I’m sure it was great for his ratings, but what awful advice. It is unprofessional and unethical of him to give out such harmful advice to so many people who trust him. Obviously he did absolutely no research into what he was saying. I usually enjoy watching his show from time to time, but this really discouraged me. I hope he learns from his mistake. I also hope those of you who read this would talk to your dentist before trying any “home remedies” from anyone.

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  7. says

    I am a Dentist and I would not recommend the use lemon juice or baking powder. This is not a good idea. Lemon juice is very acidic and can soften enamel. Leave teeth whitening to a professional it is usually very affordable and you won’t be risking permanent damage to your teeth.

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