Dr Oz: Teeth Whitening & Tooth Veneers with Jonathan Levine DDS


Doctor Oz brought a woman named Karen on the Dr Oz Show to give her a mouth makeover!  Karen was so ashamed of her teeth that she did not even smile fully on her wedding day, so that people would not see her teeth.  She described her teeth as being embarrassing and awkward.  Karen’s teeth were a very dark gray and brown color from taking tetracycline when she was younger.  Her teeth also had gaps between them  and she had a big overbite (where your front teeth stick out over your bottom teeth).  I could relate to Karen, because I have a small gap between my two front teeth, and I really wanted to have it fixed before my wedding, but it was just not in the budget.  Karen’s mouth makeover was amazing… I am really considering getting veneers myself now!  Jonathan Levine was the dentist who did the work on Karen, and these were the steps her teeth went through: Teeth Veneers

1. Preparing the Teeth

The teeth are prepared by removing old bonding to make room for porcelain veneers.

2.  Take Optical Impression

An optical probe was used to scan her mouth and make a model.

3.  Casting the Mold

I don’t quite understand why they had to take an impression of her teeth after doing the optical impression?  Shouldn’t only one process be needed to make a model of your teeth?  Please leave a comment below if you have ever had this done before!

4.  Teeth Whitening

Very high hydrogen peroxide was painted onto her teeth to bleach the teeth, and then a light and heat device was used to help make the teeth very white.

5.  Placing Veneers

Veneers are the white covers that go on your teeth to make your teeth look the perfect shape, size and color.



  1. chelsea says

    Hello, i was wondering if you knew where i can watch a clip from that show, i remember watching it, and i would like to show my mom because she has teeth very similar to karen and i would like to show her the makeover, but i simply cannot find a video from the show do you happen to know where i can watch one?

  2. says

    Chelsea, unfortunately I do not know of anywhere online where you can watch old Dr Oz shows. I would definitely consider recording and posting Dr Oz’s shows for people like you, but since I am not affiliated with Dr Oz, I think I am restricted from doing that. 🙁

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