Dr Oz: Terry & Rebecca Crews Marriage Advice & Old Spice Guy’s Pec Pop


Dr Oz: Rebecca & Terry Crews Four Rules For a Healthy Marriage

Dr. Oz and relationships experts Rebecca and Terry Crews talked about ways to keep your marriage healthy regardless of how many years you have been married. They said if you follow their four simple rules you can get your marriage on the right track to being happier and healthier.

Dr Oz: Feel Good About Yourself To Feel Good About Your Marriage

Rebecca and Terry Crews have advice to help you get healthy with your spouse and it involves four simple rules. The first rule is to feel better about yourself so you can feel better in your marriage. This is as simple as getting dressed in the morning. Even if you stay at home, instead of wearing old t-shirts and sweatpants all day long, Rebecca said to get yourself dressed in the morning in something that looks nice. Terry agreed and admitted that he used to spend a lot of time in sweats, but then he started to care more about his appearance.

Dr Oz: Making Love Keeps a Marriage Healthy

Dr. Oz explained the next rule to help you get healthy with your spouse is to make love even when you are not sure if you really want it. Rebecca said you can act your way into a feeling, so she suggested buying something a little flirty that will help you, and your spouse, get in the mood.

Dr Oz: Get Marriage Counseling Before a Problem

Rebecca and Terry Crews’ third rule to having a healthy marriage is to get advice. Terry explained that he and his wife go to counseling on a regular basis and he said the key is to go before there is actually a problem. He compared it to getting an oil change for your car. You do not usually wait until it is long overdue and there is a problem with your engine, but instead you take care of it in order to prevent any major issues with your vehicle. This is true, and very important, for a marriage as well. Terry said people tend to sleepwalk their way through marriage, so being proactive is a good way to keep things with your partner happy and healthy.

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