Dr Oz: The #1 Risk Factor for Pancreatic Cancer: Diabetes

Dr Oz did a segment called The #1 Risk Factor for Pancreatic Cancer: You’ve Never Head of Until Now.  Did you know that Diabetes is both the #1 Risk Factor for Pancreatic Cancer and that Diabetes is also a warning sign for Pancreatic Cancer?  Doctor Oz said that 25 million of us have Diabetes, so this is something that we all should pay attention to!  Also, read about Dr Oz’s segment on the Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine.

Dr Oz: Diabetes Pancreatic Cancer Risk Factor

Dr Oz was joined by Dr Diane Simeone, the president of The American Pancreatic Association, and Dr Elizabeth Jaffee, founder of Dr Oz Diabetes Warning Sign of Pancreatic Cancerthe Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine and Director of Translational Research at Johns Hopkins University.  Dr Oz asked why are people with Diabetes at an increased risk for getting Pancreatic Cancer?  Diabetes is caused by a problem with your insulin, and insulin is made in the pancreas.  Therefore, Pancreatic Cancer can cause you to get Diabetes and is therefore a potential warning sign that something is not right.  Studies show that Pancreatic Cancer can also be caused by Diabetes, and in that case it becomes a risk factor that you want to try and control.

Dr Oz: Pancreatic Cancer & Diabetes

Dr Oz did a demonstration with orange balloons (to represent good cells) and black balloons (to represent bad cells).  When the healthy cells comes down through your pancreas, they are allowed to pass through, but when a black balloon (or cancerous cell) passes through, your body tries to get rid of it.  With Diabetes, your body produces more and more Insulin, and so you have more cell creation.  The inspectors that get rid of the bad cancerous cells have trouble regulating all of the cells being produced, and so you are more likely to have a cancerous cell stick around in your body and form into Pancreatic Cancer.

Dr Oz: Pancreatic Cancer Screening

Dr Oz asked his two guests about the link between Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer and what it means for people who are Diabetic or on the brink of getting Diabetes?  They said that the big message is that for people with Type 2 Diabetes, you can reverse your risk by lifestyle changes.  Also, if you are over 50, have had a new diagnosis of Diabetes, and especially if you are thin and do not have a chubby tummy, you should talk to your doctor about getting a Pancreatic Cancer Screening, which usually involves getting a CT Scan and an Endoscopic Ultrasound.  If you are younger than 50  years old and have Diabetes, you should work on lifestyle changes to get rid of the Diabetes.  You can reverse the damage done to your pancreas by Diabetes, but uncontrolled Diabetes can damage your pancreas and your other organs.

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