Dr Oz: The Daniel Plan: Weight Loss Diet for Pastor Rick Warren


Dr Oz: Pastor Rick Warren Diet

Rich Warren is the author of “A Purpose Driven Life” and founder and leader of Saddleback Church, one of America’s biggest churches. He has brought spiritual guidance to millions, but now he and his congregation are ready to turn their health around. He stated that he gained 90 lbs since starting the church. Pastor Warren believed that he should be treating his body like a temple, as the bible states, and would like to honor that. He created The Daniel Plan and enlisted the help of a few doctors, including his good pal, Dr Oz. Pastor Warren stated that the power comes from the power of the group and believed that God and people should do it together. Pastor Warren truly believed that you needed to be in a group if you were going to get healthy.

Dr Oz: Pastor Warren’s Diet

Pastor Warren stated that he was so busy helping others, that he overlooked his own health needs. Dr Oz Daniel Plan He realized he needed to get healthy when he was performing baptisms of several of his congregation members and saw that every single person he performed the baptism on was overweight. He felt he couldn’t ask his congregation to get in shape when he wasn’t, so he repented (made a change) and decided to ask for help to lose the weight. That’s where Doctor Oz came in.

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