Dr Oz: The Fix Plastic Surgery: Asclera, Festoons & Eye Bags


Dr Oz did a segment called The Fix: Plastic Surgery to talk about some of the most revolutionary plastic surgery procedures for eliminating under-eye bags, spider veins and years of sun damage.  Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Adam Scheiner who did a Festoon Laser Treatment and an Under-Eye Bag Laser Treatment, as well as Dr Anne Chapas who did an Asclera Spider Vein Laser Treatment.

Dr Oz: Eye Bag Laser Treatment

Dr Oz found a lady named Donna who has very bad Under-Eye Bags.  She has tried makeup, concealer, anti-histamines, cucumbers, tea bags, caffeine and every cream on the market.  Dr Oz Spider Vein ProcedureBut it just keeps getting worse over time.  She does not like to look in the mirror because her Eye Bags dominate everything.  Donna also has Festoons, which are not caused by poor diet or a lack of exercise.  Festoons are mainly caused by sun exposure.  A Festoon is a swollen mound that forms on your cheek right under your Lower Eye Bag.

Dr Oz: Festoon Laser Treatment

Dr Oz asked Dr Adam Scheiner what makes him so passionate about the Festoon Laser Treatment? He loves that his patients end up without baggy skin and appear smoothed out so that people do not think they always look tired.  Dr Oz said that Eye Bags run in his family, so he is especially interested in this topic.  He asked Dr Scheiner what makes the Festoon Laser Treatment so unique?  He said that before this there were no great treatments for Festoons, and they would just stretch the skin out to try to make it look better.  With the Festoon Laser Treatment, it is like pushing a reset button and creating brand new skin.

Dr Oz & Dr Adam Scheiner

Dr Adam Scheiner did a demonstration with the laser and an avocado to show what happens during the Eye Bag Laser Treatment.  The laser takes off the top layer of the avocado and the color started to change and the skin looked a bit more smooth.  Then, Dr Scheiner went through to the middle layer of skin to get to the deep layer of skin which is a lime green color in an avocado.  This is where your skin will create new elastic collagen fibers.  From this point, a person will grown new skin all over again from the bottom layer up.


  1. says

    Very nice show. These procedures have been around for sometime, its just that the public has not seen them on this type of show. We have compounded polidocanol “Asclera” before it was FDA approved in March of 2010 and have used it as a sclerosant for over 10 years.
    The Festoon treatments for undereye bags and lax skin has great results with the CO2 fractional laser. We use SmartXide DOT and get great results in facial tightening and resurfacing of photodamaged skin. This last patient you featured with the “Solta Dual Laser Treatments” has been around awhile. It is the old Fraxel Erbium larser 1550nm wavelength with the addition of 1927 nm Thulium wavelength. Both are non ablative and what was not mentioned is that it will require 1 treatment every 4 weeks for 4 treatments. This is fine with clearing photodamaged and pigmented skin but does little for skin tightening and wrinkles as this patient had. She really would have had better results with fractional CO2 laser resurfacing and set her clock back by 10-15 years.

  2. says

    I am very interested in this procedure as I have large bags under my eyes due to Graves Disease that plastic surgeons have told me the only way to get rid of them is by going under the knife. I do not want to do that and this sounds like a great alternative if it would actually work in my circumstances.

    Please advise if there are any plastic surgeons in the Houston area, Texas that are currently doing this procedure. My zip code is 77077.


  3. cc says

    hi, i live on long island new york. could u please send me dr adam scheiners address info. i would love to visit him in regard to my under eye bags. thanks….

  4. says

    I live in Victorville, CA which is in the San Bernardino County. I would like to be referred to a doctor in my area who preforms the Festoon Laser Treatment and eye bag removale. Thank you

  5. Carmen Alonzo says

    I live in the Houston, Texas area and am looking for a good doctor that can perform the fastoon laser treatment and eye bag removal. Thanks so much.

  6. L Robb says

    Are there any Facial Plastic Surgeons in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill , North Carolina (27607) that are currently doing the festoon laser treatment and lower eye bag surgery that you could recommend? Thank You!

  7. Kelli says

    Are there any Facial Plastic Surgeons in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill , North Carolina (27607) that are currently doing the festoon laser treatment and lower eye bag surgery that you could recommend? Thank You!

  8. Susann says

    I am interested in Dr. Scheiner festoon laser treatment. I live in CT. Could Dr. Scheiner recommend a dr. who does this procedure in CT. I would greatly appreciate it.

  9. says

    I am very interested in Dr. Scheiner’s festoon laser treatment & would appreciate a recommendation for a doctor in the Anchorage area who performs this treatment. Thank you.

  10. says

    I am very interested in Dr. Scheiner’s festoon laser treatment & would appreciate a recommendation in the Anchorage area for a doctor that performs this laser treatment.

  11. Lori says

    Can you also provide a list of any doctors in the Dallas, Texas area that perform this procedure – very interested.

  12. says

    I am interested in the Asclera Spider Vein Treatment seen on Dr. Oz. The doctor doing the procedure on his show was Dr. Anne Chapas. Where in the Columbus, OH area can I get this treatment for my spider veins? I am very interested in getting this done.

  13. Stephanie Lundt says

    I live in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area and am looking for a good doctor that can perform the festoon laser treatment and eye bag removal. I believe the doctor on the Dr. Oz show was a dermatologist. Yes? So the name of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon in my area would be nice. Thanks so much.

  14. AURORA DE ARMAS says

    Enjoyed this show very much because I suffer from these tired eye bags. I live in Miami ,Florida and am also looking for a recommendation from Dr. Oz that would be best to perform eye bag removal
    in my area.

    Thanking you in advance.


  15. bibi barrett says

    I am interested in knowing where I can have the fastoon proceedure done either in Dallas or in Houston

  16. Cynthia says

    I’m looking for a dr.in Houston for the fastoon treatment can you please help me, thanks .

  17. Stacey Jones says

    I am interested in the Festoon Reduction and would like to know where the closest dr to Atlanta GA is located?

  18. says

    I watched the Feb 9th, 2011 show featuring Dr. Adam Scheiner with great interest. Can you tell me how to reach him, either by email or telephone, please? And, can you supply me with the name of a recommended doctor for eye bags and festoons in the LA area. Thank-you

  19. Debra Todd says

    I live in the Los Angeles area and an looing for a recommendation for a doctor of Dr. Adam Scheiner’s field of expertise in performing the eye bags and festoons, as well as a Doctor such as Mathew Avram who took care of the sun damage in the Dr Oz show.
    I would like to have these pricedures done but do live far from the east coast, and do not want to pick just anyone online .

    Thank you form a lady that feels young but also feels the need to cover my mirrors as they are not magic mirrrors at mtyage, which isn’t really that old..

  20. Debra Todd says

    Thank you again , I am single but haven’t felt good enough about my bags and sun damage to start dating again, I have been single for 19 years.

  21. Tigran Yepremian says

    I am also from Los Angeles area and can you let me know the name of a recommended doctor for eye bags.
    Thank you in advance.

  22. Linda says

    Are there any Dr’s in the virginia Beach area that are currently doing the co2 festoon laser and under-eye bag laser treatments. Thanks

  23. diane barber says

    I am interested in the under bag treatment
    is there anyone in my area who does this?

  24. cindy gachman says

    I live in houston tx. zip 77057. i would like to find out about a Dr. for the under eye bags and festoon procedure. thank you

  25. Janice Price says

    I would like information on the procedure for eye bags I had fat injections 2 years ago and it made me look as though i have bags I am in Lithonia Ga any information would be very helpful

  26. Irene Rupolo says

    I would like the telephone number of a plastic surgeon (recommended) in Brampton, Ontario
    Canada. I need to have the fat removed under my chin – I lost a lot of weight and now notice
    that I have hanging fat under my chin. I am very self conscious about it. please advise.

  27. says

    I am interested int the procedure for under eye bags. I was hoping there is a plastic surgeon in the Pittsburgh area that does the removal of eye bags. Would you know of a doctor that does this in my area . Thank You

  28. Joe says

    Please, I am very interested in Dr. Scheiner’s festoon laser treatment & would appreciate a recommendation in the Los Angeles or surrounding area for a doctor that performs this laser treatment. Thank you.

  29. tracy bliss says

    please can i have information about doctors who perform festoon pecedures in western ny
    would like to have this done the woman on your show looked beautiful thank you

  30. says

    Wow! this program caused quite a stir! Hoping a list of Doctors who perform the festoon surgery in the Los Angeles area will be available pronto – please provide/advise!

  31. John Samra says

    I am interested in having my under eye bags removed permanently. I never thought it was possible until I watched Dr Adam Scheiner perform a procedure on a women with fantastic results. I live in Northern New Jersey. Can I have Dr Scheiner’s address and phone number if he is located near me or can a similar surgeon be recommended.

  32. says

    I have been told that only Doctor Schiener does this procedure.
    I find that hard to believe, I live in Los Angles and some of the greatest plastic surgeon’s due to the enterainment business practice out here and really would like a referral for someone in the immediate area.
    Please respond.

    Thanking you in advance,


    PS Women all over the country are looking to have this procedure, there must be a recomended surgeion in many cities especially Los Angeles, who do you think keep the stars looking younger, not just one doctor would be my guess.

  33. says

    Would love to get a recommendation for Los Angeles area – I agree hard to believe Dr Scheiner is the only one doing this procedure –

  34. Zub says

    I’m hoping to find a surgeon in the Houston area that performs the eye bag laser treatment. Thanks.

  35. millie tirelli says

    I would love this procedure to remove the festoons on my upper cheeks, under the eyes. Is there a doctor in nyc that specializes in this procedure?? Thank you

  36. Jo says

    Very interested in referral to someone in San Antonio, TX that could to the undereye bag/festoon surgery?

  37. jay gulotta says

    I would like to ask the same question every body is asking is there anyone doing this festoon proceedre in the ny nj area

  38. Margo says

    I need a Dr. just like Dr. Adam Scheiner, where can I find one in the Chicago land area. I to have large bags under my eyes.

    Thank you,

  39. says

    The only Dr. that has responded to this is anthony caglia, m.d. and if you look him up he services Dallas and Forth Worth area – I wish more Drs. would look at this site because I would love to find someone in Los Angeles area

  40. J Roberts says

    Please come to Chicago ! I had upper and lower surgery to tighten and remove fat deposits but the Dr left festoons in and it looks like I have a tiny bean under my lower lid the right i s
    baggier than the left . I am responsive very well to surgery because my skin is thicker for a white woman it tightens well. I hope you come here I would love to be your clinical trial
    because I need acne scar removal too with this same lazer that you used on the avacado.

  41. Laura Taylor says

    I am interested in having my under eye bags removed permanently. I never thought it was possible until I watched Dr Adam Scheiner perform a procedure on a women with fantastic results. I live in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Is there a surgeon that you would recommend, that practices near where I live?. Who can perform the same surgery. Thanks in advance!!!

  42. says

    I have festoons and would like to know if Dr. Adam Scheiner can recommend a Dr that performs the same procedure in San Antonio or Houston, TX. Thanks a milion.

  43. Krista says

    I am delighted to find your information on Dr. Scheiner, but can you recommend anyone in the Chicago area who he may have trained in his technique for treating festoons? Thank you!

  44. Nancy says

    I too have festoons and I would also like a recommendation for a CA Bay Area doctor who does the same treatment Dr. Schneiner mentioned. Thank you!

  45. Irene Fegurgur says

    Dr oz I live in Maryland do you know of a dr that can do Laser treatment on my festoons I thank you. Irene Fegurgur

  46. Andrea Friede says

    I live in Pittsburgh, PA. My festoons are very obvious and I’m self conscious about them. I’ve tried thermage, which was completely ineffective. Are there any physicians in my area who perform Dr. Scheiner’s procedure? Thanks for your assistance.

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