Dr. Oz: The Ghrelin Gremlin- Weight Loss or Weight Gain Hormone

Do you know what Ghrelin is?  Doctor Oz said that Ghrelin may be the culprit for why you are over-eating and gaining weight.  The Ghrelin Gremlin, as Dr. Oz calls it, is a hormone that can wreak havoc on your body by making you feel hungry so you over eat and gain weight.  So where does Ghrelin come from and how can we control the Ghrelin Gremlin?

Doctor Oz said that our stomachs have thick walls that secrete ghrelin.  People who have gastric bypass surgery often lose their appetite be cutting off where the ghrelin hormone comes from.  If you skip breakfast or meals in general, then the ghrelin will begin to build up.  At some point, you will eat a burger, pizza, onion rings, french fries, etc. but you will still feel hungry because it will take a lot to balance out all of the Ghrelin hormone that you have built up.  So instead, balance your diet starting in the morning when you wake-up.  It is difficult for you body to lose its equilibrium when you stay balanced, so eat small meals all day long.  And of course, eat healthy whole foods rather than junk food, try these Recipes for Diets!

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