Dr Oz: The Gruve, Quantum Scale, Meal Measure & Jump Snap

Dr Oz did a segment on Cutting Edge Weight Loss Products.  I love when he does segments like this, because we are always bombarded with weight loss products on the market, but how can we tell which really work?  Doctor Oz gave his “seal of approval” to four weight loss products so that we do not get tricked by infomercials that falsely claim to melt away the pounds. Dr Oz Weight Loss Products

Dr Oz: The Gruve

Dr Oz showed a great alternative to a pedometer called The Gruve, which measures how many calories you burn as you walk around.  If you are sedentary for too long, then it turns a red color and vibrates to tell you to get up and move around.  The Gruve even has an online component so you can see how much activity you have throughout the day.  Dr Oz said that you can buy The Gruve online for $100.

Dr Oz: Quantum Scale

Dr Oz’s next cutting edge weight loss product is called the Quantum Scale and after your initial weighing, it does not tell you how much you weigh – it just tells you if you have gained or lost weight.  This helps you to stop obsessing about the actual number (something I am totally guilty of!).  Dr Oz said that you can buy the Quantum Scale online for $70.

Dr Oz: Meal Measure

Dr Oz showed a lady who keeps a food diary – something that is far too time consuming for me at least.  But Dr Oz’s alternative, called the Meal Measure, is such a brilliant idea.  You fill 3 cavities with your servings of starch and vegetables, plus you put the protein in an “open” cavity.  Then you lift up the Meal Measure, and the perfect portion of all of your food is left on your plate.  So no more worrying about if you are eating the right portion size or not!

Dr Oz: Jump Snap Wireless Jump Rope

Dr Oz’s final Cutting Edge Weight Loss Product is the Jump Snap, a wireless jump rope.  Dr Oz said that you burn double the calories jumping rope as you do when you talk a brisk walk.  And since the Jump Snap is wireless, you do not have to worry about being coordinated or tripping over a rope.  I think it would be great to keep the Jump Snap by your tv remote, and during commercials you could use it to burn calories!


  1. says

    Awsome show today. I love all of the 4 things shown. Is there a group rate to get all 4 of them ? They are pretty pricy otherwise

  2. Sandra says

    I loved the products too! I bought the Quantum Scale on line just a few a minutes ago and it was only $59.99. They have really pretty colours to- I got green.

  3. irene saunders says

    please tell me how and where to find the gruve and the jump snap love your show and anytime you need and prostitst and an amputee with a computer leg. just call us we can help also if you can help us find a dr who can treat type i diabetic as an adult please call

  4. says

    Irene, we are not affiliated with Dr Oz, we are just the biggest Dr Oz Fan Site. Our sister site OpinionQueen.com is going to be doing a review and a free giveaway of the JumpSnap product over the next month. So definitely sign-up to get our e-mails over there, because then you could win a JumpSnap. We have lots of other fun giveaways going on now as well.

    Here is a link to purchase the Gruve: Click Here

  5. NORA ANNS says

    I ordered the scale and was told it would take 2 weeks for delivery ok then came an email saying my money was refunded .Is that the way to do business it never said no deliveries to Australia ..Nora

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