Dr Oz: The Man Show: Menopause, Heart Attack & Breast Cancer


Doctor Oz did a show for men called The Man Show.  Dr Oz covered everything your man knows and does not know about his body and the woman’s body.  Dr Oz took a look at the male psyche to discover what men know about the 4 most common health problems women have: menopause, heart attacks and breast cancer.  When you wake-up in the middle of the night with the sweats, does your husband know its from menopause?  Do you feel like you have the flu and are tired all the time?  Do you have a strange rash on your breast and think it might be breast cancer?  Do you and your husband feel distant even though you sleep in the same bed?  I would highly recommend discussing each of the following topics with your husband or boyfriend today!  The Man Show


  1. sherry adams says

    What do i do about the bloating and the clammy skin? I bloat constantly around my mid section and feel clammy and sticky around the mid section too. I take 2 to 3 showers a day and it’s driving me crazy! I’ve tried powder and that doesn’t help anymore.

  2. says

    Sherry, so sorry to hear about your struggles with Menopause… it is definitely something I am not looking forward to after hearing about all of the difficulty my mother had with it. I am not really sure what you can do about bloating and clammy skin, but I would suggest talking to your doctor who might have some better insight. Dr Oz did do another segment on foods that can help hot flashes and menopause, so I wonder if that might not be something to try out too? Here is the link to a recap of Dr Oz’s segment on Hot Flash Fighting Foods.

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