Dr Oz: The Naked Diet: Forskolin, Banaba Leaf Tea & Magnesium

Dr Oz did a show called The Naked Hour where everything he spoke about had to do with being naked.  Doctor Oz first spoke about The Naked Diet because women all around the country say that they hate the way they look naked.

Dr Oz: The Naked Hour

Dr Oz setup camera in dressing rooms in Intimacy Boutiques (a bra and lingerie store) in New Dr Oz Banaba Leaf TeaYork, Chicago and Los Angeles to find out why women hate how they look naked.  Women said things like “I don’t know how it happened, but it did… I should feel good about myself but I don’t… there is nothing beautiful to see… I just do not want to be naked… I have so much cellulite… I feel ugly and old… I hate when people say it is not a big deal because it is MY big deal… and I feel so unattractive.”  Does any of this sound familiar?

Dr Oz: The Naked Diet

Dr Oz brought on a lady named Carmen who had a son 9 months ago and says that when she looks in the mirror she just sees a big blob and does not even see a woman.  Dr Oz’s team of Dr Laura Berman, Lisa Lynn and Samantha Heller RD gave a three step plan called The Naked Diet that should help change us both mentally and phsically so that we feel better about ourselves.

Dr Oz: Asses Your Body

Dr Laura Berman said that the first step is to Assess Your Body, because many women feel insecure about something and concentrate on their flaws because we want to look like the airbrushed images that we see in magazines.  To help yourself, look at yourself naked in the mirror and pick at least three things that you love about your body.  When you are naked and feel self-conscious, concentrate on these positive attributes.  The next step is to figure out the part of your body that your eyes always go to (that you hate) when you look in the mirror.  Now, instead of looking at that part of your body, look at your entire silhouette and practice seeing yourself as others see you.

Dr Oz: Forskolin Burns Fat & Reduces Cellulite

Lisa Lynn told Dr Oz that Forskolin is safe and works for burning fat and reducing cellulite, and neither Lynn nor Dr Oz can figure out why it is not more popular by now.  I cannot wait to try Forskolin now!

Dr Oz: Banana Leaf Tea Lowers Blood Sugar

Lisa Lynn said that by drinking Banaba Leaf Tea you can lower your blood sugar levels, which will make your body burn fat more easily.  Lynn said to drink Banaba Leaf Tea once or twice a day and if you do not like the taste, you can mix it in with your regular tea that you do like.  Another great way to burn carbs and fat better is to add 2 TB of balsamic vinegar to every meal or to eat pickles, because the vinegar burns through carbohydrates.

Dr Oz: Eliminate Bloating

Samantha Heller RD told Dr Oz that sodium and gas cause bloating, so you want to look for ways to reduce your sodium and gas.  Chips, club soda and frozen meals are high in sodium, so you should eat fruits and vegetables instead.  Another way to feel great is by increasing your fiber to make sure you get 25-30 grams of fiber per day.  You can take Psyllium Supplements or try hummus, beans, chickpeas, fruits and vegetables along with a bunch of water.

Dr Oz: Magnesium Helps Bloating

Samantha Heller told Dr Oz that many of us do not get enough magnesium, which is found in whole grains, leafy greens, nuts and seeds.  During your menstrual cycle, if you have magnesium, you can help to get rid of some of your fluid retention.


  1. says

    I’m 62, female, wife and career professional. I have sleep apthnia and diabetis. Everything else about me is in good health. Any advise on how I can stop killing myself. I have been on every diet and do fine for a while and then break down. I have been married 42 yerar and looking forward to 42 more.
    My latest blood sugar was 325 after lunch and 10.2 A1C which is the highest it has ever been in my entire life. I have 1 grandaughter of 13yrs, a daughter who is 18 years in the US Navy and a son who is 39 years and worry about me all the time. My husband and I are childhood sweethearts and still in love. Can you give me some advise or a plan on how to cheet death.
    I don’t get to see your show often due to work and really don’t know how to tape things.
    Please Dr. Oz, you are a person with a heart, please find it in yours to give me some help.
    Thank you in advance for any consideration you can afford me in this matter.

  2. Linda says

    This is about the 2 women that won’t let their husbands see them naked.
    I’m glad that their husbands see them beautiful and love them for who they are.They seem to be sweet ladies.
    But the bottom line here is that they are FAT! And Yes they can do something about it.
    I can not stand to here the pity me line,and crying.I bet when they go out to eat they do not make good choices. I had to do it or stay fat. I had no one to blame but me.Nobody put the fork in my face,
    I love food and one day I said enough is enough.When you look in the mirror,how can you focus on what is beautiful about yourself,when all you see is fat hanging everywhere.I could not see pretty eyes or a nice smile and try to focus on that.All i saw was a fat belly.Frankly it was disgusting.When i see big fat people now.I do not feel sorry for them because they have a choice.Food is a drug like any other drugs.My advice to those women.Get off the darn couch and start moving!!

  3. CMM says

    Impossible to find BANABA LEAF TEA anywhere online. Would be great if they provided suppliers of the products they suggest in programming. I deleted the show from DVR after watching it and was almost positive that the tea was BANABA not BANANA leaf. Help anyone????

  4. NNL says

    To CMM,

    It is banaba leaf but I cannot find it either. I have been searching all over the internet. I can only find the supplements. I hope someone will find it and post the website.

  5. David Gaumer says

    to CMM
    Everyone is in the same boat about Banaba Tea. I called The Raisin Rack in ohio and they said all their dist. do not carry the tea ana have never heard of it i tea form.. so we all got stumped by Dr. Oz……he needs to do his home work first and offer suppliers of his products.

  6. CMM says

    Thank you Giovane – wish I had waited a bit longer. I ordered it in capsule form from. I will try them and then order it in leaf form later. Thanks for the info. It will be helpful to many.

  7. Veronica says

    Which forskolin product is best? The labels are a bit confusing. One statement mentioned that the better quality forskolin should contain 10-20% of forskolin (root) and not to be misled by labels w/250mg but may be from made from only 2% of root. Any recommendations?

  8. NNL says

    Veronica, I ordered Forskolin from Vitamin Research Products, vrp.com. It is 10% Forskolin root. I take other supplements from them recommended by my homeopathic doctor so I trust their quality.

  9. Michelle says

    Banaba leaf tea can be found at teahaven.com – it’s expensive as I just received my order. With shipping it works out to about $1 per tea bag.

  10. Michelle says

    I forgot to mention that the Banaba Leaf Botanical Name is Lagerstroemia speciosa. That’s how I found the tea bags.

  11. Arsine Yeranossian says

    I am diabetic for almost 5 years. Dr.Oz my question is : it is safe to drink Banaba tea with my medication? I know the answer if I ask my family doctor , he will say not take it, as they want to promote and sell medications.
    wait to hear from you.

  12. Jennifer Monk says

    I wonder if the tea or the tincture would be better to get,, any views on this??

  13. NNL says

    Jennifer, I ordered the tincture from tropilab.com. The customer service rep. told me the tincture is stronger than the tea. Also you just put a dropper full in water or juice and you don’t have to brew tea.

  14. rosana mais says

    is it safe for heavy, and prolong menstration? a banaba leaf tea and forskolin?and is it safe for my health?and i just wanna ask if i can take flaxseed suplement,with borage oil,omega 3,6,9. thanks, i’ll for your response dr.oz. i’m one of your fan,5 days a week watching your show. god bless your family and your show.

  15. says

    I am a diabetic, currently on 2,000 mg. of metaformin, I’m 54, female, also taking 80mg aspirin for my heart. Can I take Forskolin 50mg. and Banaba Leaf Tea?? Other than diabetes, I’m healthy.Want to boost my metabolism and lower blood sugars. Thank You

  16. Joe says

    Since banaba (giant crape myrtle) and crape myrtle belong to the same genus. I wonder if regular crape myrtle leaf has the same effect, i.e. whether it also has corosolic acid, because I have a lot of regular crape myrtle trees in my yard.

  17. brenda says

    I have looked on the internet and googled it…i found a site where i found the banaba leaf tea…you go to TEAHAVEN.com you should find it there some how or another i found it there

  18. Carmen says

    I’m from the Philippines and Banaba Trees are backyard trees over here. I’d like to know how many leaves to boil, brew, steep per cup? Also please comment on which leaf to pick, is it the new ones at the shoot of the twig or just any leaf still on the branch/twig.

    Thank you very much.

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