Dr Oz: The Naked Hour, Body Type Scale & Feel Comfortable Naked

Dr Oz did a segment called My Husband’s Never Seen Me Naked and followed it up with Dr Laura Berman’s plan for how to feel comfortable naked.  Doctor Oz knows that what many women see in the mirror is not how our husbands see us!  Here are some baby steps to help all of us to feel comfortable naked around our husbands:

Dr Oz: Body Type Scale

Dr Oz’s first step is to understand what your husband is saying to you.  It can be very frustrating Dr Oz How To Feel Comfortable Nakedto your partner when you don’t believe them.  Dr Berman said it is important to understand two things about men.  First, when you see a woman who does not appear to be gorgeous but men fall over them all the time, it is because what men want is for you to have a good time and to feel comfortable in bed.  The second thing to keep in mind is that what women consider to be beautiful or the ideal shape is significantly smaller than what women consider to be the ideal shape.  She did an experiment with the Body Type Scale which shows images of women ranging from 1 to 9 where 1 is a super tiny skinny woman and 9 is a fairly heavy woman.  Men tend to say that women in the 5-7 range is their ideal body type, whereas women say that the 2-3 area is the ideal shape for a woman.

Dr Oz: Red Light Bulbs In The Bedroom

Dr Berman said that the next thing to focus on is getting your clothes off around your husband, and you can move slowly in this process to help desensitize yourself a little bit.  First, think about the lighting in your bedroom.  By using a Pink Light Bulb or a Red Light Bulb, you get a dim flattering light and the red color is a primal color that is a sign of fertility and tends to arouse men especially.

Dr Oz: How To Feel Comfortable Naked

The final step for feeling comfortable naked with your husband is to ease your way into nudity.  Start with lingerie that covers most of your body and move slowly into something that is a little more revealing and then move to a bra and panties and eventually you will be able to take everything off.  Dr Laura Berman said that it is ok to take a couple of weeks to move through all of these levels of nudity.


  1. Laura says

    I’d like a copy of the body type scale. I can’t find it anywhere. I had it in an email, but the link doesn’t work anymore.
    Can anybody help!
    please send to [email protected]

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