Dr. Oz: The Science of Why Men Cheat


Dr. Oz, Gary Neuman, author of The Truth about Cheating: Why Men Stray and What You Can Do to Prevent It, Lisa Flowers and Janine Driver, author of You Say More Than You Think: Use the New Body Language to Get What You Want!, the 7-day Plan, discussed the science of why men cheat.  Dr. Oz’s 5 signs that he is cheating or that he is about to cheat cannot be missed… this information could change every idea you ever had about infidelity.  So lets learn about the question that everyone thinks about at one point: why do men cheat?

From Tiger Woods, to Elliot Spitzer to John Edwards, men cheating on their wives are everywhere in the media.  Power, money and opportunity lead to increases in testosterone, could this make men pre-disposed to cheating?  Up to 60% of men are unfaithful.  Monogomy is not found in many animals because nature inclines men to procreate with as many women as they can.  40% of all men have 1 or 2 copies of a specific gene that makes them geared toward cheating.  Most men who cheat say they aren’t looking for a conquest, but they cheat because they do not feel appreciated at home.  Do you know what profile to look for?  Does any of this worry you?… It definitely caught my attention!  These red flag indicators could save your marriage, so e-mail this to all of the women in your lives!


  1. Tess says

    This is so dead on. He denies it, I would never cheat on you. I have caught and documented him on dating sites, affair sites and calling/texting escorts. Watch the bank accounts! He tries to say I am paranoid and crazy, wait til he gets served. I and my children deserve so much better.

  2. Bull says

    Thanks oz… Now my fiancé thinks I’m cheating cuz of my ring finger and were fighting. And no I’m not cheating.

  3. Jenny says

    This is a classic case of typical media mongers trying to create fear & insecurity in their audience to keep them buying their B.S. How do you sleep at night Dr. Oz? For you to be so general on such a tricky subject is ignorant on your part & unfair to your audience. My so-called “intuition” told me that my boyfriend was cheating, however come to find out that while I thought he was “at the another woman’s house” he was actually at the jewelry store picking out my engagement ring! Now don’t I feel stupid? As should anyone else who listens to your broad & grossly misleading generalizations.

  4. David says

    thanks for making life miserable for men nationwide. I never cheated on my mate, but she watches Oz’s stupid show. Now I’m getting the 3rd degree daily!

  5. Rita says

    I love Dr. OZ’s show. He is the best, and i don’t care what anybody says. Keep up the great work….

  6. says

    Samantha – Obviously I cannot speak on behalf of all men… but it is my belief that no blanket statement can be applied to an entire gender. Just like there are some moral and good women, there are also some immoral and bad women. The same thing goes for men. There are some immoral men who cheat and are not worthy of your trust or heart… but there are other men who are wonderful, honest, sweet, and great at being in relationships.

  7. Sarah says

    The Legend: Keep in mind, women arent as sweet as you think. We do not want men with bald spots, hair all over, wrinkles, bad teeth, double chins, beer guts and no butt. We want hot men just as well.

  8. Cindy says

    Legend: I’m with Sarah! And, you are my ex boyfriend (might as well be). He even admits that he needs to grow up. You’re both 15 yrs old. We are not chimpanzees anymore. You and him have not evolved. We used to walk around naked all the time too. I know more men who don’t think like you and him anymore, but did when they were in highschool. What are you afraid of? Good luck on your aging life….alone.

  9. Tired of philandering men says

    Great comments, Cindy! That’s the problem with the mentality of “The Legend”, a man who is obviously “A Legend” in his own mind. I’d wager a bet that those hotties will run, not walk, to the nearest exit at that point if not sooner. Mr. Legend certainly would not be left with anyone tender-hearted enough to help him out, love him, tend to his needs, or any of those other nice, comforting things that come out of a real long-term relationship between a man and a woman. That would be no loss for us women, that’s for sure.

  10. says

    I am the guy that cheated and lied to myself. The woman had me foe a while, then my eyes opened and i am ashamed and embarrassed. My wife has forgiven me, but the damage is done and everything is different. I cant believe i fell for the lies of an out of shape slightly
    youngeremotionally unstable woman. What concerns me is what does this say about my own character?stupid, stupid stupid!! My wife never deserved this and i cant even tell her everything. This has destroyed what we had. I am still sick about it and find it difficult to forgive myself

  11. spiritruka says

    The fact that there is chemical proof is so not a shocker. I have yet to meet a guy who has been faithful or doesn’t struggle with it. So, my idea is cut off one ball at birth, or just use them for breeding. They are all turning gay anyway, a sure way of the world trying to cure itself of the human race, a bunch of destructive rats on the earth, who destroy each other. And since 1 of 2 children are molested by men (25% of that statistic by women, shame on you) which affects them horrifically for the rest of their life, I take that as another sign women are off track not just letting men do what they are meant to do, and keeping the babies and children away from them, or at least supervise them constantly and stop being so ignorant. I’m not saying this to get a reaction, I really believe it. By the way, women do not have to have kids. Statistics show they are much happier when the kids are raised anyway.

  12. Ollie says

    Does the author of this article have any sort of qualifications in the subjects which he is talking about? I hope no women are being suspicious around their husbands or partners on the basis of having read this. Body language and psychology are subjects in which people must study and be trained in for many years and if the author of this article had any sort of experience in these areas he or she would know that these ‘facts’ that are given are inaccurate.
    This so called ‘belly button rule,’ to name one example, is not a merely a sign of deceit. Turning your body away from someone while talking to them can signal defensivness, sadness, anger and many other emotions. It is not good enough to look for one body language cue and believe you have worked someone out. Body language should be studied and understood before one starts making judgements on people based on it.
    Also, point four was to ‘trust your instincts on body language.’ It is true that your subconscious can pick up on cues that might contradict the tone of your conversation but most people are bad at reading body language – although studies have shown women to be slightly better at reading non-verbal communication.So instinct is not enough to start accusing your partner.
    While cheating is something couples should be aware of, don’t start accusing your partners of infidelity because you read a few faulty facts on this site. If you are generally interested in body language, psychology or anthropology pick up a book from your local library. They will explain it a great deal better than this site does.

  13. celia says

    if you have husband who is cheating on you and is calling you names picking on you all the time criticising, and is never at home . he does not care about what you think about his infidelity . what are you sopposed to do . you have four kids with this guy the olddest being 8, the youngest 4months. you have tried in your own little way to put an end to the relationship . no way . he kind of make you look very ugly sagged . he keeps reminding you about how you have sagged especially your breast.what can you do to rgain your confindence back and face the challenges.please i would welcom your humble oppinion.

  14. ladyoutthere says

    Men are not cut out for relationships. Period. So, if you’re a woman in a marriage/relationship, go out and have some fun because he’s gonna do it too.

    It’s not fair that he gets to have fun while you’re stuck at home. Also, women do not get the same brain stimulant from simply looking at another man, as do men. So it is unfair to say, “oh you look too” because it’s not the same.

  15. Kevin says

    i do all of the above signs of a cheater but i don’t cheat………i am just unhappy with how the relationship is going …go back to school or do more clinics Dr……you are off base…..

  16. Rochelle says

    Sorry ppl but all these indicators have been for me “common sense” and I have gradually figured them out on my own when my own bf was treating and he fit most of these if not all these indicators so. Unfortunately this is pretty accurate.

  17. sherry says

    i always thought my husband would never cheat but then his actions tort our childern and i started changing. he acted like everything we did was wrong and started hanging out with his bestfriend alot again. yes his friend did leave his wife for the woman he cheated with. then i started to worried a little bit but not to much like i said i trusted him but then came the night he said he was leaving me but in the long run he didnt but something didnt set right with me i ask him if he had cheated he wouldnt answer me but i kept asking finally he yelled no there are you happy the fact he couldnt answer me in the first place told me everything. it wasnt untill about a month later that my mother and i pushed him so much that he finally told me had had an afair. we are working on things now and things are getting even better then they were before we got married but i will always dostrust him now.

  18. rosella says

    My husband was cheating by texting pics and text message and the girl was sending pics of her self to him by facebook. well my gut said he was doing something just couldnt prove it. then he gave me his facebook password and all so i couuld play a game so i went through message and found it. im with him hoping to work it out. he dont consider it cheating but it is. i told him i have no trust for him and we need a marriage councler and i wounder all the time am i doing the right thing

  19. Paul says

    This is inaccurate. I am not cheating and just gojng through hard times with my wife of 12 years for various reasons. Many of these listed items are incorrect as I have done many just because I am lost, tired of fighting, not sure what to say anymore etc… So Dr. Oz. you are wrong.

  20. Nat says

    I have been married to my husband for 7 years. The entire marriage he has looked at naked women anywhere he could find them. Internet, text forwards, rented movies, pretty much any where he could find it. I put up with it at first then I got tired of it. He would begin hiding it from me and I would always find it. I told him how much it hurt me and made me feel ugly or not good enough. He would always apologize and promise not to do it again. The final straw was when I was pregnant I caught him and left. I came back and he swears he will never do it again for fear of losing me. He said the reason he looked was curiosity which I don’t understand. We have been back together about 5 months now and he’s beginning to act suspicion again. Is he not happy with me?

  21. Ash says

    Ok i got all that but what if a persons job requires odd hours. My bf is a car sales man. He works odd hours but sometimes if he is with a cx he has to stay later if making a sale or talking with them and now they r doing a project where they moved theyr cars to an open lot near a highway for a few days to make better sales which i understand but he claims hes working all 7 days mon tues he worked rg hours wed he moved cars so he was late but called when at office but now thurs thru sun working 9ppl am to 10a + pm. Mind u no base pay jus commission. I always say late hours is a cheating man but in this situation.. im not sure. I jus think its odd he has to work 7 days 60+ hours no base pay. I didnt even think that was legal. But hes a great liar nd im not positive hes cheating but i also get feelings he is. I just wanna know

  22. WideAwake says

    My heart tells me that when a man likes another female, he is disrespecting me. That “magicalness” we had, is gone.

    I have tried to open my mind to liking other people.

    But my head says that when a man exposes me to diseases, he is not caring about me – not even in a platonic way.

    So I have a friend, who is probably either in denial or not very clever, but she is under the impression that she was infected after using too many public toilet seats. After she told me that she had this virus, I could never look her husband in the eyes again. He used to be a good friend of mine too. The poor girl has only ever been with her husband, so couldn’t get it from another man.

    The virus leads to cancer of the ovaries, and other horrible things. My friend got cancer from it. She was put on hormones, because her body can’t produce the natural hormones anymore. The medication has bad side effects.

    Now please tell me.

    Would you want anybody you know, it doesn’t need to be anybody you love, to get cancer? Have you considered what this does to a person to have to go through something like that. Some people who get cancer die from it. Would you want this to happen to your mother? Your sister?

    So now tell me, please, how exactly does it make sense to say this is what a man must naturally do?

    If men are all awful with no possibility of advanced thought that may defer them from engaging in acts that may potentially not only break a fantastic relational bond, but also give the partner a life threathening disease …

    Then WHY should we women not say:

    We are innately programmed in such a way as to have a very strong drive to survive!! We do not want cancer or to live a life full of heart-break. It is just not in our genetics.

    Therefore… We will keep our bodies for ourselves. Yes, do ogle, it is good for our ego’s. But please note that we are not your doormats nor your go-to gals. I am sure there’s people who get paid and don’t mind (it is just a job-related hazard!). So then go to them!

    We will in the meantime have you let know that we will have our close and fulfilling relationships with our girlfriends who truly care.

    We will use you then, for what you objectify yourself to be. We as modern women are the bread winners in any case and will rear the kids without your help. The process may even go smoother without you, because then we don’t have to hear you idiotic ideas that might rub off on the children’s morality.

    The other benefits are: having full say over how much we want to spend on what, about what part of the house should be decorated or organised in which way and how we spend our time.

    We won’t be saying: “Don’t come home a stinking slobbering alcohol-ridden mess” or “please kill the spider/catch the rat” (which you leave us to do in any case) or “why must your fishing rods/model airplanes/golf gear be all around the living room?” Or “please try to aim better when you pee” or “did you replace the toilet roll?” Or “Can you pick up your undewear from the floor” or “is that the dustbin?” (When you throw your trash around) or “Can I watch glee tonight?” Or “not another flipping bear grylls episode” or “can you put your dishes in the sink?”

    The benefits are endless.

    So before the men who think they were born with a right to theat, think they have some kind of male priviledge, think again.

    There’s so much we can do without you… Most of which you usually can’t do on your own.

    For the rare male species who truly have integrity, intelligence and the ability to not only be loyal, but not be a monster…

    It is not in your genetics to do things that harm your loved ones. Perhaps it was some centuries ago when you were an ape. But back then you probably also ate your own poop as most apes do…

    So for the apemen who behave like idiots,,, please do… Eat your own poop!

    By believing you’re programmed in a certain way and have no choices, you kinda are eating your own poop in any case.

    Sincerely not yours,

    Remarkable Women

  23. kevin1240 says

    Look all u have to do is stay on top of ur job which is to handle ur bizness n the bedroom as well as outside the room cheating happens just don’t b the asshole who gets caught trust me I noe I learned the hard way. IT ISN’T WORTH LOSING WHAT U HAVE IF WHAT U HAVE IS GOOD

  24. vane says

    Well my husband cheated on me for a whole year straight nd did most of what dr oz says..so yea I believe n this 100 percent…men don’t give ur wife a reson to think ur cheating nd she wont…woman we r smart if he gives I reson well believe it if not then be happy…I always say DON’T NOTICE THE BIG THINGS NOTICE THE LITTLE THINGS !!!

  25. vane says

    && yea I did all that nd above kevin cook , clean , always gave it to him ..he still left me home pushed me away critisized me n front of his friends n so much more ..nd u no I’m not a bad lookin person or a bad person. I have a great heart after every thing he did to me I still had the nerve to tell him if he ever needed anything to call me n u no wat he did he had his ex pregnate wife who had another mans baby in her stomach come n clean up the house she couldent even mop ..then to top it off brought mc donalds I mean not to brag but I’m a good looking girl I have a nice body can cook very well as well clean .. but for a pregnate person…come on now ..I don’t get guys these days…lord help me..or him should I say

  26. Just me says

    I have been married for 27 years, have to kids and five grand kids all boys. I am raising my first grand he is 8. I got married at 17 and had my first child 6 mths later. Our first 10 years was very hard and we both made mistakes. I knew at that time it was now or never. I give my commitment to him on my B-day after 10 years because I really loved him. Now it’s been 15 and a half years and never felt the way I do now. Almost two years since I sold my business and became a house wife and mother , things have changed. After about 4 mths of being home, I got very sick and have been sense then.I have been to many doctors with stomach problems and more test than I count. No one is able to found out what is wrong. I have had to count on him more now then ever. I have so much time on my hands to see things that I didn’t have when I worked because I trusted him completely. Now I’m not so sure. I’ll have to finish tomorrow.

  27. CSYDNEY says


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