Dr. Oz: The Six Pack Meal Plan for Nurses & Busy People


Dr. Oz had three nurses on his show all who help deliver babies: Paula, Holly and Tina.  See if you relate to any of these women… Paula is the “On-The-Run Eater” who grabs things to eat while working and running around… Holly is the “Snacker” who munches on pretzels, chips, soda, and other vending machine foods… and Tina is the “Stress Eater” who eats because she is stressed out.  Among Tina’s favorite stress foods are doughnuts, cookies, and soda.  Tina has a 5 year old daughter who she is worried is turning out just like her.  If you relate to any of these women, then you should really give Dr. Oz’s Six Pack Meal Plan a try!

The Six Pack Meal Plan:

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