Dr Oz: The South Beach Diet & Dr Arthur Agatston: Heart Disease Tips


Dr Oz brought back Dr Arthur Agatston, creator of The South Beach Diet, after doing his segment on Dr Oz’s Alternative Health All-Stars.  Doctor Oz said that Dr Agatston is a world-class cardiologist who is cracking the code to Heart Disease, Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease.  Dr Agatston offered a few great tips to lower your risk of Heart Disease.

Dr Oz & Arthur Agatston: Cholesterol

Dr Arthur Agatston said that at first, many years ago, we worried about our total cholesterol Dr Oz South Beach Dietnumber.  Then, we learned to differentiate between good cholesterol (HDL Cholesterol) and bad cholesterol (LDL Cholesterol).  But now we are learning that there are things that you can think of as Angel Cholesterol Particles and there are other things like Devil Cholesterol Particles.  So, if you have high cholesterol numbers but generally seem healthy, thin and fit – you should double check that you really need to be on cholesterol medication.  Dr Oz said that at the same time, if you are overweight and generally have poor health, but your cholesterol numbers look great, you should not believe your cholesterol is fine because you could have the Devil Cholesterol Particles – and even just a few of them can wreak havoc.


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