Dr Oz: The Unexpected Diseases Men Get: Lupus & Breast Cancer


Doctor Oz did a show on the Unexpected Diseases Men Get. Did you know that men can get Breast Cancer and Lupus, diseases that are commonly thought of as “women’s diseases.” Dr Oz gave us the warning signs that men need to know and look for.The Unexpected Diseases Men Get

Male Breast Cancer

Dr Oz was joined by Dr. David Katz and Robert, a man who survived from stage 3 breast cancer.  Dr Oz said that a man’s breast has glandular tissue and when cancer forms in the breast, it can suck down on the tissue and skin causing a dimpling effect in the skin.  Breast Cancer is of course much more common in women, for every man who gets Breast Cancer, 100 women get Breast Cancer.  But it is important that men still check for it, because you won’t find it early if you don’t check!  In both men and women there is a huge genetic component to Breast Cancer.  The BRCA genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2) can put you at a higher risk for getting Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer in Men: Warning Signs

1.  Lump in the breast area


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    There is mounting research linking vaccinations with lupus, autism and other auto-immune disorders. This article documents this information.
    You should have this on your show
    Walter Sorochan

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