Dr Oz: Thinning Hair, Androgenic Alopecia & Black Currant Oil


Dr Oz spoke about the secret reason that your hair thins as you age.  Doctor Oz’s assistant of the day said that since she turned 40, she has started to lose her hair.  She is even scared to touch her hair because large chunks of hair fall out.  Dr Oz used a Hair Camera to show how her hair is less dense.  So what is the secret reason your hair thins as you age? Dr Oz Black Currant Oil & Primrose Oil

Dr Oz: What Causes Androgenic Alopecia?

Dr Oz said that female baldness or Androgenic Alopecia is much different than male pattern baldness.  In female balding, you tend to get thinning in your crown – near the part in the center of your hair.  What is too much hair loss?  Dr Oz said that he starts to worry if you are losing more than 150 hairs per day, because this can be reflective of hormonal changes which can change the density of your hair.  Dr Oz said that you should try to catch the problem before it gets too severe, because once you lose so much that you cannot cover up your head, it may be too late.  Dr Oz showed an illustration to explain what causes Androgenic Alopecia.  During the androgen phase, hair tries to grow, but the androgens poison the well where the hair grows from and so your hair becomes thin and frail.


  1. says

    Dear Dr Oz:

    If I could meet one man and talk to him for about an hour it would be you. You seem so kind and patient and knowledgeable. I just love you and your show. Oprah really found a gem when she found you!!! You are fabulous. And you are the kind of guy that women can talk to. You are so sweet and handsome and all those good things. Your wife is really lucky!!! I have been trying to lose weight, but have not been able to. My husband calls me horrible names because of it. Is there something I may try to help[ me lose weight faster? Thank you for reading this and thanks for your great show. I have learned so much! Sincerely friends for life, Diane

  2. MarcT says

    I am a male and I USED TO have thinning hair also. I used to have a lot of hair, and I thought it was thick, and it started falling out! So I switched shampoos to the Shielo Volume Shampoo just to try it, and I am liking the results. Its made my hair thicker – NO MORE weird thinning areas. Plus, I think its making it stronger and more grow back. Its excellent. This and the conditioner work better than anything right now.

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