Dr Oz: Throat Sprays, Laxatives & Decongestants

Doctor Oz did a show on which Over The Counter (OTC) remedies work the fastest.  Do you know what to take for the fastest relief when you are constipated?  What is the quickest way to stop a sore throat?  And what is both the most effective and fastest way to cure a fever? Dr Oz Which Works Faster OTC Drugs

Fastest Way to Cure Constipation

What do you think cures constipation faster: laxatives or stool softeners?  Dr Oz said that laxatives work fastest for constipation and will make you poop in around 6 hours.

Quickest Sore Throat Cure

What do you think gets rid of a sore throat faster, a lozenge or a throat spray?  Dr Oz said that a throat spray with Benzocaine in it takes only 10-15 seconds to work, whereas a lozenge takes 20 minutes and may just cause you to have numb cheeks.  However, my personal experience with throat sprays is that it makes you feel better for a few minutes, but your throat goes back to hurting pretty quickly.  Something my mom taught me is to gargle with warm salty water when you have a sore throat – this helps me a lot of the time.

Fastest Runny Nose Cure

What makes a runny nose stop running fastest, Antihistamine or Decongestant?  Dr Oz said that a Decongestant works faster by shrinking and drying up the membranes of your nasal passages.

Fastest Way to Stop a Fever

What makes a fever stop the fastest, Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen?  Dr Oz said that Ibuprofen lasts longer, works faster and is more effective for fevers than Acetaminophen.

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