Dr Oz: Tired Tea with Liquid Melatonin & Grobag Egg Thermometer

Dr Oz’s Sleep Countdown

Still looking for all-natural remedies to help you sleep? You blame your lousy sleep on work, the kiddies and even your husband. Stop blaming and get to sleeping! On today’s show, Doctor Oz revealed his step-by-step countdown to help get your best night’s rest ever with products like a Tired Tea made of Liquid Melatonin, a Lavender Steam Facial & a Grobag Egg Digital Room Thermometer! Find out what you should do 1 hour before bedtime in order to help you sleep peacefully throughout the night!  Plus, read Dr Oz’s Natural Sleep Remedies.

Dr Oz Grobag Egg Digital Room Thermometer

Dr Oz's Tired Tea with Liquid Melatonin will have you sleeping well in no time!

Tatiana, an audience member, said she went to bed around midnight, every night. When she finally went to bed, her mind raced and she was up for another hour or so. Dr Oz says 10 o’clock should be your new bedtime. The natural melatonin in your body is designed to get you sleep at 10:00 pm. After that, and you may get pumped up again. (Okay, seriously, how many of you go to sleep at 10:00?)

Dr Oz: Liquid Melatonin Tired Tea

9:00-Dr Oz’s Tired Tea. This tea will help calm your brain an hour before bedtime. To make, Drop in 18 drops (1/2 mg) of liquid melatonin into your chamomile tea. (Remember, drink an hour before bedtime.)

Dr Oz: Lavender Steam Facial

9:15- Go for a lavender steam facial at this time. Add 10 drops of lavender oil in 2 C of boiling water. Grab a towel and place over your head and steam face for 1 minute. The aroma of lavender will relax you. The steam will improve your lung function.

Dr Oz: Grobag Egg Thermometer

9:30- turn down the heat in your room. The ideal room temperature should be 65-68 degrees. To help achieve the perfect room temperature, use the Grobag Egg Digital Room Thermometer. The colors will indicate the current temperature. (Blue- too cold, red-too hot).

Dr Oz: Muscle Relaxer Position

9:45-Time to relax your muscles. Lie down in your bed with your feet toward your headboard. (Butt should be 6 inches from wall.) Let hips stretch out. Breathe in and out. This stretch will loosen up every part of your body. When finished stretching, turn out lights within 10 minutes.


  1. Hala Najjar says

    Thank you Dr Oz..Your remedies are great..this one and the 7 days boost your Metabolism are great and you are the greatest..

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