Dr Oz: TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Heartburn Remedies


Dr Oz played a game called Name That Pain to teach us about aches and pains that tell you that something is not going right in your body.  Doctor Oz said the hidden sources of some of your most common body complaints include TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Heartburn.

Dr Oz: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Exercise

Dr Oz said that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is often to blame when your house chores cause tingling in  your hands and wrists.  When you get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the key nerve in your Dr Oz Temporomandibular Joint Disorderwrist gets compressed.  This effects women three times more often than men.  To help relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, put your hands together like you are praying.  Push your hands against each other and push them down a bit so that you feel a stretch in your wrists.  Do this for a few seconds every hour to help and give the nerve in your wrist more room.

Dr Oz: Heartburn

Dr Oz said that Heartburn is a pain in your chest that has nothing to do with your heart, but it can leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.  Heartburn is caused by Acid Reflux which is when acid goes up into your esophagus.  You can help by taking chewable antacids or avoid eating 3-5 hours before bed – especially spicy foods.

Dr Oz: TMJ Cure

Dr Oz said that TMJ is a gnawing pressure on your jaw that can make it painful to yawn, chew or talk.  TMJ is caused by clenching your teeth and / or grinding your teeth.  People do not even realize they are clenching their jaw, but they will often notice things like headaches or nausea from it.  Dr Oz said that you should take your tongue and touch the top of your mouth, right behind your upper teeth.  This helps to relax your jaw and prevent TMJ.  Dr Oz said that 10 million people have TMJ and that it is most common in women between the ages of 30 and 50.


  1. says

    Carpal tunnel affects many people worldwide. We have to do our best to take care of our bodies even while at work. On of the best things to do is to takes a break every hour or so to move around and perhaps perform a few simple wrist and arm exercises.

  2. says

    My late family doctor told me to press the tip of my tongue to the roof of my mouth whenever I have a sudden ringing in my ear. It relaxes the nerve connected to the ringing. Works everytime! The ‘TMJ cure’ somehow reminds me of that.

  3. bill berdan says

    I had Carpal tunnel surgey but it didn’t work ,6weeks later,just bad as before,along with wrist
    pain, Iwear a brace constanty, plus pain meds ,do exerises as much as can , any help
    that actually works be greatly appreciated.
    Bill Berdan

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