Dr Oz: TNM Cancer Stages, Raw Food Diet for Cancer & Cancer Risks


Dr Oz did a show called Ask Dr Oz: Cancer Edition, because he knows that Cancer is one of the diseases that we fear most.  We all know someone who has been touched by Cancer – or almost everyone at least.  94% of Doctor Oz’s Audience said that either they had cancer themselves or they know someone who had cancer.  The biggest questions about how to treat cancer and how to prevent cancer is what Dr Oz focused on today.  Cancer treatment is expanding to treating the whole body and not just the disease.  In addition to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, people are also addressing pain management, nutrition, and even doing things like acupuncture, meditation and yoga.  Dr Oz was joined by three cancer experts: Dr Steven Standiford, the national director of surgical oncology at a center that focuses on integrative cancer treatments, Dr Deborah Axelrod, a leading cancer surgeon and patient advocate, and Rachel Beller, a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society and a nutritionist who focuses on nutrition in Cancer Management and Prevention.

Dr Oz: TNM Cancer Stages

Dr Oz was told by a lady in his audience that her Dr Oz Raw Food Cancer Dietfriend has stage 4 breast cancer which has gone into her bones, brain and lungs.  She was diligent about getting mammograms until two years ago when she no longer had health insurance.  Dr Axelrod said that TNM is the classical way for determining what stage cancer you have.

Dr Oz: TNM: T for Tumor Size

The T in TNM stands for the size of the tumor, which helps determine how far along the cancer is.

Dr Oz: TNM: N for Nodal Status

In Breast Cancer, you would look at nodes such as the nodes found in your breast wall.

Dr Oz: TNM: M for Distant Metastasis

The M stands for Distant Metastasis, which is looking for how far cancer has moved.  In breast cancer you would look to see if the cancer has spread outside of the breasts and lymph nodes.  You will often check the liver, lungs and brain in the case of breast cancer.



  1. Thelma G. says

    Dr.Oz always have experts as guest and yet they hardly say something or share whatever valuable expert opinion or studies they know.They don;t share their knowledge,they just sit there and hardly say something.Thank you.

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