Dr Oz: Todd Wilbur Big Mac Burger Recipe & Secret Sauce


Dr Oz: Todd Wilbur’s Top Secret Burger & Special Sauce Recipe

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Todd Wilbur, the host of Top Secret Recipe, to unlock the secret recipes of your favorite fast foods.  Is it possible to recreate McDonald’s Big Mac at home, but to make it healthy?  According to Todd, he has a “good pallet for copying tastes.”  Todd takes those tastes and then transforms them into healthy good eats.

Dr Oz: Big Mac Recipe Made Healthy

Dr Oz introduced Patricia, an audience member, who tried to cook healthy for herself and her son.  The problem arises when she becomes busy and relies on fast food.  Patricia stated that she loved the greasy, fattening, Big Mac.  (Who doesn’t?) Dr Oz issued a challenge to Todd: make Patricia’s favorite fast food burger healthy.  Could he do it?  You be the judge.  Try the recipe at home.

Dr Oz: Todd Wilbur Burger Recipe



  1. Tijana says

    This is by far, the best “Big Mac” ever!!!Much better than the “store bought” one – probably because of the fresh ingredients. It is sooo tasty. My husband and I LOVE this burger. Thank you so much Todd and Dr. Oz!!!

  2. daisy says

    where the hell are the instructions for this thing? what temp do i cook the hamburger and for how long….dr.oz’s website is stupid. And, the youtube video doesnt give any directions either……

  3. Tijana says

    Daisy, I cooked the burgers on medium-high for only 3-4 minutes…some even less. The patties are so thin that you don’t need to cook them long. Whenever juices run clear, the burger is done.

  4. daisy says

    thank you Tijana! my goodness why was i so irate the day I wrote this comment? anyways this is the 3rd time ive made this in a week. soooo good!

  5. james says

    docter oz i tried this recipe and my kids loved it they said when they first started to eat they told me they thought its from mcdonalds todd your no 1 food hacker bro

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